A New Office Model Ushering In Reduced Carbon and Improved Circularity
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Gee launched white paper proposed standardized carbon reduction in office space solution

SHANGHAI, June 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Recently, the conference on "Dual Carbon" in the construction industry was officially held. The conference was hosted by the China Carbon Neutral Action Alliance, with Gee and Shui On Land Limited as co-organisers. The purpose of this conference was to bring together experts and leaders from institutions that are construction related and companies in the industry, such as the Environment and Energy Exchange, CAUPD, BSI and so on, during the conference, in order to discuss the topic of emission peak and carbon neutrality in the construction industry, and to seek for innovative solutions to improve efficiency and reduce consumption in the construction field.

A New Office Model Ushering In Reduced Carbon and Improved Circularity

During the conference, leaders of a number of institutions and enterprises delivered speeches, introducing their green development strategies and new measures to implement the carbon neutrality goal. Among them, Eddie Ng, Chief Operating Officer of Gee, and Raefer Wallis, founder of RESET, jointly launched the white paper of "A new office model ushering carbon footprint and circularity" (hereinafter referred to as the "White Paper").

The "White Paper" conducted a detailed investigation into the construction industry and its sub-sector, the commercial building construction industry. It pointed out that the current carbon emission assessment of office buildings still focuses on energy efficiency and carbon footprint measurement in the operation phase. However, the standards for calculating the embodied carbon emissions of buildings and office space renovations are not yet clear and unified. Meanwhile the integrity, coverage, and accuracy of carbon footprint data of various building materials needs to be strengthened as well. Unclear measurement standards will lead to many problems of carbon emission data, such as difficulty in monitoring, in measurement and in management and control.

In response to such problems, Gee and RESET put forward a solution for the transformation of standardized low-carbon office space, namely: using standardized SKU products and prefabricated construction mode to realize the creation of office space. The source of carbon footprint of standardized SKU products can be traced, and the materials are low-carbon and environmentally friendly. The prefabricated construction mode has the features of fast setup, flexible space transformation, and avoiding unnecessary demolition and construction.

After monitoring the carbon footprint of the four stages of material production for the standardized low-carbon office space model, on-site installation to maintenance, and disposal, it seems clear that, compared with traditional commercial office space, Gee model can indeed significantly reduce carbon emissions. It has a strong impetus and practical significance for the development of carbon offsetting and reducing emissions in the commercial field.

Eddie Ng highlighted: Solving the problem of "embedded carbon emissions of office fitout" is only our first step. Next, we will implement the second phase strategy as: "How to reduce carbon emissions in the office operation stage". At this very moment, Gee has actively increased investment of software systems, IOT solution hoping to continuously monitor and control automatically the carbon emissions of key energy consumption systems and equipment through the application of cutting-edge digital technologies, and to provide enterprises with emission reduction and cost optimization according to the monitoring data. Combined with the carbon footprint of building materials, together it can effectively control the carbon emissions of buildings and office spaces throughout their entire life cycle. 

Download the "White Paper" to learn more via below link. 


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