Dr. Pest Control recently launched a new method to kill termites
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Dr. Pest Control recently launched a new method to kill termites
Media OutReach - 22 July 2021 - Termites are one of the five major pests in the world. Many people have tried many ways to go back and forth in vain, even causing the spread of ant colonies. According to the findings of the European Institute of Biology, a huge number of termites will produce methane, which will increase the temperature of the earth; the CO2 produced by them accounts for about 20% of the total annual CO2 emissions on the earth; in addition, they emit a large amount of formic acid pollution. Exceeds the environmental impact of automobile and industrial smog. In view of this, "
Dr. Pest Control Co
." looks for adjustments to the
method of eliminating termites
, and finally came up with a "new method of eliminating termites."


For many years, termite control has been an arduous task in many fields, and most of the

pest control companies in the market recommend some
termite treatment methods
, mostly chemical agents. Chemical control is indeed high in prevention and effective, and it has always been important in the prevention and
control of termites
. status. However, with the development of society, some drugs with high toxicity and long residual effectiveness will cause secondary damage to the environment, so they have been banned.


Since the use of

termite control pharmacy is not only used in the countryside, but also mostly involves indoor/residential/buildings and gardens and other places where humans live, so poison-killing chemicals have concerns about the health of humans and animals. Therefore, the choice of medicine is especially important.


In response to this reason, the "Dr. Pest Control Co." pest control company has launched a new "new method of eradicating termites" based on the traditional

method of eradicating termites.


After surveying, the engineers found the location of the termite's nest, began to make preparations, and studied the walking path of the worker ants, mixed the termite bait on the things that the termites liked to eat, let the termites eat and move back to the nest, when the engineers found After the nest location is accurate, 

termite control pharmacy will be used to contact them in the next step. Termites will die in the nest when they touch the 
termite control pharmacy
, and the same kind will eat the dead termites, creating a cycle. According to the size of the nest, observe the number of worker ants, and then proceed to the next step of digging the queen. . Basically kill the queen, this termite nest is abandoned.


This material is derived from the compounds developed from plant extracts, non-toxic, easy to dissolve, and will not cause residues in the environment. It can be used in places that are sensitive to public safety, such as homes, parks, kindergartens, hospitals and other places with wide front yards.


The quality guarantee period for the control of termites is one year. During the termite prevention and control quality guarantee period, ant damage will be eliminated for free. During the guarantee period, the "Dr. Pest Control Co." pest control company will also send special personnel to visit regularly to review the control effect. Because

termite prevention and control not only need to eliminate all termites, in fact, it requires long-term investigation and care, which is the best way to
prevent termites


The "Dr. Pest Control Co." pest control company launched a service on

termite prevention and
termite prevention
and control, specifically to help some families and organizations. Although there are many common
methods to eliminate termites
in the market, there are many ways to
eliminate termites
that not only can not cure termites, but also allow termites to spread. In every corner of the house, the fastest way to
eliminate termites
is to rely on professional
termite control companies
termite removal companies
to help the family find out where termites are easily attracted and where to use termite treatment
methods to control termites