The Nailist Collaborates With Outrankco To Improve Digital Capabilities
LesleyMoroney7 2-07-2021, 16:15

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The collaboration is to promote The Nailist website in Google's Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Both companies strive to bring the website to the first page in Google. "By ranking on the first page in Google, not only it will increase the traffic to our website, it will also generate leads and enquiries for our services", said Beverly, marketing manager of The Nailist. "We are also aiming to retain our existing customer base, at the same time reach out to new customers who are actively searching for our services through social media advertising", Beverly added.


With the Singapore government pushing to accelerate digitization, The Nailist is looking into the need to expand into ECommerce platform to build stronger digital capabilities and stay competitive.


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