AmzDoge Financial landed on the NASDAQ screen in Times
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New York, NY, Jan. 26, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With the development of the digital economy and the intensification of global brand competition, Web3.0 digital financial companies are also facing more and more competition and opportunities from around the world. January 22, 2023 14:30 PM, AmzDoge Financial (AD for short), which has received much attention, landed on the NASDAQ big screen in Times Square, New York. At the "crossroads of the world", it is announced to the world that it will change the quantitative trading mode of digital assets and create a new ecology of the global digital economy.

AmzDoge Financial landed on the NASDAQ screen in Times

(Shot in Times Square, New York)

The authoritative broadcast on the Nasdaq big screen is AD's attitude towards global dissemination of the digital industry's economic development, and it is the AD brand that relies on technical barriers and service quality to continuously convey AMZDOGE's core values to the world, enabling our diversified international team to Unified collaboration!
And the big screen on the tower of the Nasdaq Stock Exchange in Times Square, New York, the United States, this screen at the "crossroads of the world" represents success and wealth, making tens of millions of companies eager to enter this extraordinary "world crossroads". The first screen” is eager to be one step closer to the top of the world. For entrepreneurs, landing on the Nasdaq big screen is not only to increase brand awareness and bring huge financing opportunities, but also symbolizes going to the world and success.

AD Group is headquartered in New York, USA. Obtained MSB (Money Service Business) license, regulated by the United States and Singapore Financial Foundation. Carry out compliant digital asset financial related businesses around the world to help global users provide efficient services in the digital age. Quantitative Strategy Tool. Its founding core personnel are all from well-known international companies such as Google and Microsoft. With an international perspective and a global concept, the entire team is committed to providing users with efficient, safe and fast cryptocurrency quantification strategy development and user services. Since its establishment for many years, Mogou's products have received investment from many institutions. The core product of AD is Quantify Mogou. Through this technical product, the corporate mission of providing quantitative strategy services for cryptocurrency investors is realized. In the future, AD Group and its partners will continue to build around AD's quantitative AI ecosystem to provide strong support for the economic development of the digital industry.

Company Name: AmzDoge Financial
Contact Person: Corleone Miller

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