VinSmart sold out 42.2 million VHM shares
admin 21-06-2020, 12:07

The amount of shares sold is equivalent to 1.3% of capital. VinSmart receives transfer and resales its shares to KKR and Temasek investors. VinSmart can earn about 210 billion dong after less than 1 month owning VHM stock.

VinSmart sold out 42.2 million VHM shares

VinSmart Research and Production Company sold all 42.2 million Vinhomes (HoSE: VHM) shares, equivalent to 1.3%. The transaction date changed the ownership ratio on June 15.

The session of June 15 saw a deal of 201 million shares of Vinhomes with the price of 75,000 dong / share, equivalent to the value of about 15,100 billion dong. The buyer is an investor group consisting of KKR and Temasek, the seller is a domestic investor. In particular, KKR alone through Viking Asia Holdings II Pte. Ltd bought 185.84 million VHM shares (5.65%).

VinSmart has just owned VHM stock since the end of May with the trading date and ownership change date of May 28 and 1/6, exactly 2 days of agreement trading with a large volume of 31.4 million stocks and nearly 11.4 million shares. Temporarily, if VinSmart buys all of the aforementioned shares at the agreed price on May 28, it is 70,000 dong / share, the deal is about 210 billion dong.