Stock market 19/6: VIC shares hit the ceiling, VN-Index rebounded 13 points
admin 21-06-2020, 10:00

The stock market today has maintained its movement during the trading session with high liquidity compared to the previous session. Remarkably, VIC hit the ceiling price at 97,300 dong / share, besides DBC and DGW closed in purple.

Today’s session opened in the green and maintained the uptrend throughout the session. In ATC session, Buddha market increased with sudden liquidity. Accordingly, the total trading value reached 7,020 billion VND, equivalent to the trading volume of 543 million units.

At the end, VN-Index increased by 13.29 points (1.55%) to 868.56 points, HNX-Index increased by 2.43% to 225.3 points, UPCoM-Index increased by 1.02% to 56.34 points. .

Noted in the VN30 basket, VIC shares gained attention when closing at the ceiling price of VND 97,300 / share and overbought volume of over half a million units at the ceiling price. Besides, STB shares recorded an increase of 4.4%, followed by BVH (3.1%), BVH (2.3%), (VPB (2.2%) and HPG (2.1%) ) .

On the contrary, SBT and PLX shares dropped by 1.7% and 1.5% respectively. In addition, VJC and VNM also closed below the reference prices. On the other hand, 4 stocks in VN30 kept unchanged, including MSN, POW, SAB and VHM.

Remarkably, DBC code suddenly increased to the limit again at 49,750 dong / share, the buying volume was nearly 300,000 units. This code has had a series of consecutive sessions to hit the floor price before recovering on the recent session of June 15.

In addition, DGW also closed at ceiling price, currently stopping at VND 34,600 / share.

Real estate stocks of penny group gained to the limit. For example, ITA, FIT, LDG, SCR, QCG, LGL. Besides, some other codes also closed in green like HQC, TIG, CLG, DRH

The situation was similar in banking group with most gainers during the session, except for KLB which dropped by 1.1%. In which, VBB saw the strongest increase of 12.8%, followed by SHB (5%), STB (4.4%), ACB (2.5%), LPB (2.3%). Large-cap codes including VCB, BID, HDB, CTG, and MBB all increased sharply.

Top10 stocks affected increase / decrease on VN-Index. Source: Fialda

According to that, 5 codes that saw the most positive impact on VN-Index today were VIC, BID, CTG, HPG, VPB, and vice versa, PLX, VJC, VNM, PDR and SBT pulled the most index points.

Domestic investor sentiment was not affected by the negative movements of the US stock market when the Dow Jones index went down amid concerns about the disease situation and worse-than-expected employment data.

According to CNBC, the Dow Jones industrial average index decreased by 40 points, equivalent to 0.15%, to 26,080 points. In contrast, the Nasdaq Composite increased by 0.3%, marking the fifth consecutive up session. S&P 500 also inched up slightly by 0.1%.