Stock comment July 21: New buying positions, stop to be alert
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Stock comment July 21: New buying positions, stop to be alert

Will recover again (Increase)

Vn-Index is expected to recover in the next session when retreating to the support area of 850-860 points. However, BVSC also noted that if the above support level is penetrated, the index will likely drop to strong support level of 800-820 points in the short term.

Support 862 points (Neutral)

(MB Securities Company – MBS)

The VN-Index closed right above the MA50 support level and also the Fibonacci support area corresponding to 862 points, in case the market cannot hold this support zone tomorrow, the next support level will be is 830 – 848 points.

Switch to sideways (Neutral)

(Mirae Asset Securities Company (MAS)

The short-term trend of VN-Index temporarily turned to short-term sideways after today’s decline and closed at the lowest level in the recent 9 sessions.

Negative impact on trading status (neutral)

(BIDV Securities Company – BSC)

This decline may partly affect the trading status of traders in the next session, before the demand in the low areas continues to reappear.

And the pressure drops (Reduced)

(Viet Capital Securities Joint Stock Company – VCSC)

Short-term technical signals of VN-Index, VN30, and VNMidcap have changed to Neutral while HNX-Index and VNSmallcap have temporarily remained positive status. The nearest support level for VN-Index and VN30 is the MA20 at 860 and 800 points. It is predicted that tomorrow, the market might continue under dropping pressure at the beginning of the session so that VN-Index will test short-term support at 860 points.

Stop buying new (Neutral)

(Vietnam Construction Securities Joint Stock Company -VNCS)

During this period, investors should temporarily close new buying positions, and observe more developments from the market. Even in stocks that have reached the risk threshold, investors need to follow the principle of stop loss, to ensure portfolio safety.

Increasing risk of reversal (Neutral)

(BOS Securities Company – ART)

VN-Index lost the level of 870 points and dropped deeply to the support level of 860 points created by the medium-term MA lines, MA20 and MA50. The long body candle without the lower shadow appeared after today’s session, showing that the sellers dominated. MACD is tending to converge its signal line, MFI and RSI start to weaken. This increases the risk of a reversal. If the support level of 860 points is broken, the index will drop to a level deeper than 840 points.

Investors prioritize strengthening the risk management of the current portfolio and observing the market reaction in the area of 860 points to make investment decisions in the coming sessions.

Cumulative status (Neutral)

(Yuanta Vietnam Securities Corporation)

The market is likely to increase slightly or continue moving sideways around the 50-day moving average. At the same time, the accumulation status may continue in the next few sessions, so the cash flow still diverges among stock groups, especially the cash flow is still focusing on Largecaps and Midcaps stocks support such as industrial, fishery and textile real estate group. Especially, this is also the time to announce Q2 / 2020 business results, so investors’ psychology is still cautious and psychology is unclear.

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