Three more 566 ha industrial parks in Hung Yen were added to the plan
admin 30-06-2020, 23:57

Three more 566 ha industrial parks in Hung Yen were added to the plan

The Prime Minister has just agreed to add the planning of three industrial parks in Hung Yen province to the Planning for development of industrial parks in Vietnam by 2020.

Accordingly, the first industrial park (IZ) has an area of 263.85 ha; location at Ly Thuong Kiet and Tan Viet communes, Yen My district; Xuan Truc commune, An Thi district. The second industrial zone is clean industrial zone, with scale of 143.08 ha; located in Hong Tien commune, Khoai Chau district and Xuan Truc commune, An Thi district).

The third industrial park has scale of 159.71 ha; location in Hong Tien commune, Khoai Chau district; Ly Thuong Kiet commune, Yen My district and Xuan Truc commune, An Thi district.

The Prime Minister requested the People’s Committee of Hung Yen Province to separate the area of inland clearance depot (147.4 ha) and service urban land (area of 456.9 ha) from the proposed additional planning of industrial zones in the province.

Integrating the content of supplementing industrial zone planning into provincial planning according to regulations; do not let disputes and complaints occur during the implementation of the plan.

Besides, the People’s Committee of Hung Yen province changes the purpose of land use according to the norms have a plan to supplement the land area or increase the efficiency of other rice land to compensate for the converted rice cultivation land according to regulations.

At the same time, synchronously implementing the planning and development of industrial parks with worker housing, social and cultural facilities for workers in industrial parks; ensure the supply of technical and social infrastructure outside the fence to serve the activities of the IZ.

There is a plan to develop infrastructure of the province to support industrial zones in case of expanding roads connecting to industrial parks.

The Prime Minister also asked the province to speed up infrastructure investment and attract secondary projects for the remaining unoccupied industrial land area.

Direct the Corporation of Infrastructure Development and Financial Investment of Vietnam to report the specific progress of implementing the prescribed procedures to soon bring Ly Thuong Kiet Industrial Park (300 hectares) and Tan Dan Industrial Park (200 hectares) away into operation.

In addition, building the orientation to attract investment in industrial parks, ensuring favorable conditions for the development and strengthening of production links in the industrial park; deploying the construction of industrial parks on schedule, effectively using land resources; formulating a plan of compensation, support and resettlement for households whose land is recovered to build industrial zones, ensuring the suitability with the speed of deploying industrial parks.