Finance last week: Ministry of Construction collected nearly 4,000 billion VND from divestment, GVR wants to sell all SIP shares
VietReader 29-11-2020, 16:23

Finance last week: Ministry of Construction collected nearly 4,000 billion VND from divestment, GVR wants to sell all SIP shares

Sprinting to divest capital, the Ministry of Construction collected nearly 4,000 billion VND in 3 days

In just 3 days from November 25 to November 27, the Ministry of Construction collected VND 3,935 billion from divestments at Idico Corporation (HNX: IDC) and Construction Corporation No. 1 (UPCoM: CC1).

This is a series of tasks to divest state capital in an enterprise, according to Decision No. 908 of the Prime Minister. Before November 30, the Ministry of Construction had to complete the divestment of the state capital in 4 enterprises including Song Hong Corporation (SHG); Hanoi Construction Corporation (Hancorp); No.1 Construction Corporation and Idico Corporation.

If they are past due, they will have to complete the transfer to the State Capital Investment Corporation (SCIC) before December 31, 2020.

Thus, after 2 extremely successful divestments, on December 16, the Ministry of Construction will put more than 139 million Hancorp shares to auction at the Hanoi Stock Exchange (HNX).

Expected, following 25/12, more than 13 million SHG shares will be auctioned.

Vietnam Rubber Industry Group wants to divest all its capital in SIP, with a projected revenue of more than 1,000 billion dong

Vietnam Rubber Industry Group (HoSE: GVR) has just closed the starting price and the plan to divest all its capital at VRG Saigon Investment Joint Stock Company (UPCoM: SIP).

Accordingly, GVR Board of Directors approved the starting price according to the valuation certificate of 97,500 VND / share.

In case the starting price is lower than the average reference price for 30 consecutive trading days on the stock market, the starting price will be this average reference price.

The total number of shares that GVR divested from SIP was more than 10.7 million units, equivalent to 11.8% capital. The deal is expected to be divided into at least two phases, in which the number of initial offers is more than 9.3 million shares.

The execution method is order matching or put through transaction on the stock exchange.

The remaining shares (1.4 million units) will continue to be offered after completing the prescribed procedure, because this is a lot of bonus shares, arising after the time of issuing the above appraisal letter.

Thus, if the transaction goes as expected, GVR will collect at least 1,000 billion dong.

Foreign funds continuously divest Mobile World

Vietnam Securities Depository (VSD) recently had information about the completion of procedures for transferring ownership of MWG shares of Mobile World Investment Joint Stock Company between foreign funds.

Accordingly, the foreign fund Pyn Elitre Fund transferred more than 6.45 million MWG shares to JP Morgan Securities PLC. Estimated, with market price of over 110,000 dong / share of MWG at present, the above transfer deal is worth more than 700 billion dong.

Once the largest investment of Pyn Elite for many years, this foreign fund has continuously sold a large amount of MWG shares from the end of 2019 until now. Particularly in the end of 2019, this fund sold nearly half of the shares MWG holds, earning trillions of dong.

According to the September portfolio report, the investment proportion at MWG still accounts for 5.56% of the net asset value of the Pyn Elite fund, equivalent to 24.8 million euros (more than 700 billion dong). However, by October, this investment was no longer in the top 10 of the fund’s largest portfolios.

With the current market price of MWG shares 12% higher than the end of September, it is likely that Pyn Elite has sold out all its shares of Mobile World.

HPG peaked, management transferred 24 million shares, PENM foreign fund took profit

Hoa Phat Group has just announced the transaction of shares of internal shareholders. Accordingly, Vice Chairman of Hoa Phat’s Board of Directors, Mr. Doan Gia Cuong registered to sell 24 million HPG shares to Mr. Tran Dinh Long, Chairman of the Group’s Board of Directors.

After completing the transaction, Mr. Doan Gia Cuong will lower the number of HPG’s shares to more than 41.5 million units, equivalent to 1.25% of Hoa Phat’s charter capital. In the opposite direction, Mr. Tran Dinh Long approved the purchase agreement, expected to increase his ownership rate to 26.08%, equivalent to holding 864 million HPG shares.

It is known that the total number of HPG shares that Mr. Tran Dinh Long and related individuals and organizations currently own is more than 1.13 million units (equivalent to 34.32%). After the transaction, it is expected that the ownership rate will be raised to 34.95% or more than 1.15 million HPG shares.

While Hoa Phat’s chairman and vice president changed hands with 24 million Hoa Phat shares, the foreign shareholder was the fund PENM III Germany GmbH & Co. KG (Germany) quickly took profit when HPG shares peaked.

Accordingly, PENM fund registered to sell all of more than 76.5 million HPG shares, equivalent to 2.31% from November 27, 2020 to December 25, 2020. Transactions will be executed by matching and / or agreement method.

If the sale is successful, PENM fund will earn more than 2,800 billion dong from the divestment in Hoa Phat.

HoSE wants to increase the minimum trading lot from 10 shares to 100 shares

The Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange (HoSE) is consulting securities companies on the plan to increase the even-lot trading unit (trading lot) from the current 10 stocks to 100 stocks.

Under this plan, securities companies will have a week from December 1 to December 15 to revise the trading system. HoSE will open a trading system for securities companies to connect and test from December 16 to December 22.

Expected official implementation time is in January 2021.

HoSE suggested securities companies send ideas and plans (if any) by November 26.

Thus, if this plan is implemented, all 3 floors of HoSE, HNX and UPCoM will all trade with a minimum lot of 100 shares and a multiple of 100 shares.

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