What real estate segment can lead investors in 2021?
VietReader 27-11-2020, 04:56

Savills experts give some comments on the market trend in 2021.

Industrial real estate and suburban apartments will be crowned?

At the post-COVID-19 seminar on Real Estate Investment (Real Estate) held on November 25th, Ms. Hoang Nguyet Minh, Deputy Director of Savills’ Investment Department gave optimistic comments on the real estate market in year 2021.

Looking at the general situation of the market, Ms. Minh said that in all segments, hotels, resorts and retail were the most affected areas since March up to now. As for hotels, the average occupancy rate on weekdays is only 30-40%.

In contrast, the office, land plot or apartment real estate market is less affected. The rent of Grade A and B offices are not much different from the same period last year. Condominium and land plot segments, due to the low supply nature, the transaction prices and number of transactions are still changing well.

Eurowindow River Park Project in Dong Anh, Hanoi. (Photo documentary: Ha Vu).

Ms. Minh gave evidence of Masteri Grand Park, the only project opened for sale in District 9 (HCMC) recently completed 1,000 orders in just one month of sale.

Regarding the movement of investment cash flow, industrial real estate is the only bright spot of the market today as well as in the future.

“There are many factors affecting the industrial real estate segment in 2021, such as tax incentives in Vietnam as well as the US-China trade war. Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia are countries in the Southeast. Asia is attracting the attention of many foreign investors today “, said expert Savills.

Talking about prospects in the coming time, Ms. Minh said, with GDP expected to reach 6.3% in 2021, foreign investors will be more confident when entering Vietnam. The Government’s encouragement of industrial zones to join global supply chains will also boost the development of industrial real estate.

Besides, with the increasingly rapidly developing infrastructure, while the price of apartments in the inner city is too expensive, real estate in the suburbs is the main factor leading investors in the near future. Some projects 15 – 20 km away from the center of Hanoi are still attracting the attention of investors.

High-end apartments will be difficult to attract buyers

Similar to the point of view from Savills, Ms. Tran Thi Thu Hien, Director of DTJ Investment and Distribution Joint Stock Company also sees many opportunities for the real estate market in late this year and early 2021. Investment cash flows are trending poured into commercial, resort and industrial real estate segments.

“Real estate investment is not a story of months but a few years. Although real estate investment results and cash flows into real estate are often delayed, real estate can benefit from all macro factors. of the economy, “said Ms. Hien.

After the COVID-19 epidemic, the general income of the people has decreased in general, and investors will have a more careful screening of investment products. Therefore, the current products that meet the needs of: housing, good prices, easy transfer … will be prioritized by investors.

In contrast, high-end apartments will be more difficult to attract buyers, except for areas with special factors such as District 9 or Thu Duc area (HCMC).

According to Ms. Hien, at this time, investors should pay attention to macroeconomic factors as well as planning, especially projects and products to be completed on schedule.

Source: vietnambiz.vn – Translated by fintel.vn