National reserve goods must be used efficiently
VietReader 22-11-2020, 21:04

National reserve goods must be used efficiently
People of Loc Ha commune, Phu Loc district, ThuaThien Hue were excited to receive the government’s rice relief.

Four on-the-spot

The supply of national reserve rice to support hunger relief for localities is one of the important tasks of the General Department of State Reserves (GDSR).

According to statistics, since the beginning of the year, 114,060 tons of rice worth VND1,107 billion was provided to support people in localities during the Lunar New Year (6,460 tons); between-crop period (5,829 tons); pupils and high schools in extremely difficult communes and villages (70,850 tons); afforestation projects (16,033 tons); to overcome consequences of natural disasters and storms (9,887 tons). In particular, on October 19, 2020, the GDSR sent 5,000 tons of rice to support the central provinces affected by floods and storms.

In addition, the GDSR has assigned regional State Reserve Departments to provide national reserve supplies and equipment to assist ministries, agencies and localities in preventing, combating and overcoming consequences of natural disasters and epidemics with a value of about VND129 billion, including 78 sets of high-speed boats; 103 sets of fire fighting water pumps; 46 sets of generators 30KVA and 35 sets of concrete cutting drilling machines. As of March 31, 2020, the regional State Reserve Departments have completed the delivery of the above supplies and equipment.

During the Covid-19 pandemic in Vietnam, the regional State Reserve Departments provided 2,600 sets of tarpaulins (1,100 sets of 16.5m2; 350 light sets of 24.5m2; 800 sets of 24.75m2 and 350 sets of 60m2) worth about VND36 billion to the Ministry of Defense for pandemic prevention and control.

Mr. Pham Viet Ha, Deputy Director of the Reserve Management Department under the GDSR, said that the efficient use of national reserve goods to aid and support people to overcome difficulties at different times had different meanings.

The amount of national reserve goods was always ready to be supplied to support ministries, agencies and localities respond to natural disasters or epidemics; ensure the good implementation of the “four on-the-spot” motto, thus minimizing the damage to people and property, and promptly solving difficulties and helping people to overcome consequences of natural disasters.

In addition, the reserve sector has always focused on performing foreign political tasks and international aid work.

Close coordination

In order to continue to ensure the efficient use of national reserve goods, the GDSR will strengthen to guide regional State Reserve Departments to coordinate closely with the local authorities at all levels to review and report the actual situation to promptly export goods to the localities and people in a timely fashion, according to Pham Viet Ha.

At the same time, to work closely with ministries and agencies to review and report to competent authorities for additional items to be included in the national reserve to promptly cope with any natural disasters, fires or epidemics.

Moreover, to closely coordinate with the National Committee for Natural Disaster Response, and Search and Rescue and ministries, agencies and localities to strengthen the inspection, supervision, management and use of national reserve goods which have been exported; ensuring strict management, use for the right purposes and readiness to actively serve the response and rescue work promptly when natural disasters occur.

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On the other hand, to continue to review and develop mechanisms and policies on national reserve to ensure uniform legality; ensuring timely directions to carry out tasks.

By Hong Van/ Huyen Trang