Identify key risk to prevent violations
VietReader 22-11-2020, 21:04

Identify key risk to prevent violations
The system of container scanning machine of Hanoi Customs. Photo: Photo: T.A

Forming a clue for determining the key

The Risk Management Department (General Department of Vietnam Customs) has worked with the Personnel and Organization Department to advise and submit to the Director General of Vietnam Customs for signing Decision No. 1371/QD-TCHQ dated May 12, 2020 amending and supplementing Decision No. 2426/QD-TCHQ dated August 1, 2016 defining the functions, tasks, powers and organizational structure of the Departments under the Risk Management Department.

Accordingly, setting up a focal point at the General Department of Vietnam Customs level is the Risk Management Department, consisting of three professional departments to determine key points and select, check through scanning by sea, road and air routes.

The unit will establish contact points with professional units at provincial customs departments that are already equipped with container scanning machines, establish a coordination mechanism, provide daily feedback on information, selection results and inspections through the container scanning machine.

At the same time, the Risk Management Department has completed the contents of the operation mechanism, the process of analysis and key identification (in Decision No. 2218/QD-TCHQ dated August 26, 2020 of the Director General of Vietnam Customs) in the direction of assigning and decentralizing responsibility for determining key points and selecting scanning methods on the principle of concentration, unity, under the comprehensive direction of leaders of the General Department of Vietnam Customs as well as promoting resources at customs departments of provinces and cities.

The key identification is implemented comprehensively from the General Department, local customs departments to customs branches. At provincial customs departments, the Risk Management unit at the department level is responsible for advising the Director to deploy key analysis and identification, and at the same time ensuring the rate of goods selection for inspecting with container scanning machines in accordance with the decentralization process.

The Customs Enforcement Team, the Customs Branch and other professional units should coordinate to implement key identification under the direction of the leaders of the General Department of Vietnam Customs and the Director of Customs Department.

According to the leader of the Risk Management Department, the goal is to deepen the key identification activities of the whole customs sector, towards modernization, and promote the application of tools and equipment in inspection such as scanning machines and camera systems. On the other hand, the unit also focuses on risk analysis and information assessment to proactively control risks arising in the supply chain of goods; preventing violations; improving the quality and efficiency of the selection and inspection through container scanning machines; helping the task of directing, managing and deciding on customs inspection, supervision and control quickly and accurately, facilitating legal trade and strictly controlling shipments showing signs of violation and risk.

The determination of key points in order to select for screening of risky consignments will be monitored and assessed from the time of proposal to the final processing results; scanning images of high-risk shipments would be reviewed and evaluated by officials.

Customs authorities would publicly announce the list of containers selected for screening during the loading and unloading process from vehicles transporting import-export goods to warehouses, yards, ports, border gate areas on

Improve screening efficiency

The Risk Management Department continues to strengthen key analysis and determination, selecting goods for inspection via container scanning machines; regularly monitor and closely supervise the implementation of scanning and physical inspection of cases that are already scanned to detect suspicious signs; closely coordinate with the service division at the General Department of Vietnam Customs and Inspector to handle if detecting signs of violations as stipulated.

At the same time, working with provincial Customs Departments that are equipped with container scanning machines to deploy scanning in accordance with the characteristics of the import and export goods situation in the area (location of installation of scanning machine, route of each unit). In particular, focusing on scanning imported goods during loading and unloading from means of transport to ports, warehouses, yards, border gate areas (pre-screening) at key seaports.

Regularly grasping the situation, exchanging information and working with the customs departments where the scanning machine is located to study problems and solutions in order to improve scanning efficiency.

By Minh Phương/Thanh Thuy