Securities judgment 11/18: Shake is not a worry
VietReader 17-11-2020, 23:50

Securities judgment 11/18: Shake is not a worry
Shake will appear (Neutral)

VN-Index is likely to experience strong vibrations when approaching the resistance zone 980-990 in the next few sessions. Positive movements of the world market will continue to support the market’s uptrend. On the other hand, investors will also start to pay more attention to information on Q4 and 2020 business results of listed companies.

Re-test of the peak of 970 points (Neutral)

(MB Securities Company – MBS)

A rally session reflected a quick reversal in sentiment, which the fundamental and technical could not keep up with. This rally also denied yesterday’s decline due to technical problems when retesting the top of 970 points. Technically, the long-term uptrend is still maintained.

There is still some room to increase (Increase)

(SSI Securities Company- SSI)

After today’s rally, the VN-Index is likely to continue its upturn momentum. However, the index is now approaching resistant level of 970 points, quite close to strong resistant level at 990-1,000 points. Therefore, the risk increased for new transactions when the VN-Index surpassed 970 points.

In addition, investors should also note that the zone of 990-1,000 points is a strong psychological resistance zone, so the selling force is likely to increase drastically from this area, so the VN-Index will correct quite from the above resistance.

Continue to be positive (Increase)

(Mirae Asset Securities Company -MAS)

With strong gains and a recovery from the previous session, the technical score of VN-Index continued to maintain at a positive level with the score of +7 points.

The market becomes attractive to investors (Increase)

(BIDV Securities Company – BSC)

The stock market becomes more attractive with investors expecting an economic recovery thanks to the positive results from COVID-19 vaccine.

Difficult to return to the downtrend (Neutral)

(Vietnam Construction Securities Joint Stock Company -VNCSI)

VNCSI believes that if no big news suddenly happens, it is difficult to find a reason that might cause the market to return to the downtrend. In the next resistance – 985 points will soon be tested by the market in near future. This is a favorable basis for investors to open new buying positions and increase the proportion of stocks in profitable stocks.

Retest for 970 points (Increase)

(Yuanta Securities Vietnam JSC)

Yuanta believes that the VN-Index may retest the resistance level of 970 points. At the same time, the cash flow remained at a high level and the market is still in a period of strong fluctuations, so Yuanta is still inclined to the scenario that the VN-Index can surpass 970 points. Besides, the cash flow is still spreading evenly among stock groups and sentiment indicators continue to increase positively in the optimistic zone, so we still assess the risk at low level.

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