Officials abet forest destruction in central highlands province
admin 4-11-2020, 12:13

Some officials have failed to fulfil their task and supported the illegal poisoning and cutting of pine forests in Dak Nong Province, according to an investigation.

Officials abet forest destruction in central highlands province

A vast area of pine forest in Dak G’long District has been destroyed.

The information has just been revealed by Dak Nong Province People’s Committee in their report following an investigation into the death of a vast area of pine forest in Dak G’long District.

The investigation, which was led by a deputy secretary of the provincial Party Committee had come to check the forest management and protection work at two communes of Quang Son and Dak Ha where a large area of pine forests have been poisoned or cut down.

According to the committee’s report, the forest area in these two communes had decreased by nearly 226 hectares between 2010-2019. Nearly 32 hectares of pipe forest had been poisoned by chemicals. The poisoning of pine forests has been reported several times yet no one has been held responsible or punished by the law.

Thousands of pine trees aged 30 -40 have been poisoned.

The committee said that there are some causes that have led to the illegal forest destruction and forest land encroachment in the area, including improper policies in planning and managing forest and forest land.

“Authorities in Dak G’Long District have failed to fulfil their tasks in forest management, especially when co-operating with private firms and organisations in forest plantation and management,” the committee said. “In some cases when their contracts ended, local authorities were slow in completing the forest transferring procedures, leaving the forest unmanaged and being destroyed.”

The committee also noted that some local officials were found to support and aid in the forest destruction.

“Some officials even hired people to illegally cut down the pine trees,” the report said.

The committee urged police in Dak G’long District to quickly investigate and deal with the violations in this forest destruction case and strictly punished those responsible.

It is said that Dak G’long Police Department has prosecuted six forest destruction cases which involved four accused since 2010.