Cement and clinker exports skyrocket over past decade
VietReader 25-10-2020, 13:30
Cement and clinker exports skyrocket over past decade

Vietnamese cement and clinker exports have been rapidly expanding over the past decade, although the export value remains low due to local firms mainly exporting clinker, the raw product form of cement, according to the latest report detailing the local cement industry released by FPT Securities Joint Stock Company.

The average export price at Vietnamese ports currently stands at approximately US$38.5 per tonne, a figure that is 10% lower than the selling price domestically as businesses have to continuously reduce prices in an effort to compete with other exporters among the international market.

This substantial reduction in export prices can largely be attributed to high transportation costs, a small export volume compared to that of China, the Philippines, and Bangladesh, along with trade defence measures imposed by several importers in recent years.

According to statistics released by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the country exported over 28 million tonnes of cement products during the opening nine months of the year, earning US$1.034 billion in the process.

In comparison to the same period from last year, cement and clinker exports have increased by roughly 21% in output and by only 6.2% in terms of value.