Foreign investors saw a net withdrawal of 718 billion dong in the week 5-9 / 10, VNM was still sold strongly
VietReader 11-10-2020, 02:29

The stock market continued to have a rising trading week. At the end of the last session of the week, the VN-Index stood at 924 points, corresponding to an increase of 14.09 points (1.5%) compared to the previous week, the HNX-Index increased by 2 points (1.5%) to 136.91 points, UPCoM-Index also increased by 1.66 points (2.7%) to 64.01 points.

Despite the market continuously going up, the foreign’s trading status still went in a negative direction with net selling on all 3 exchanges of HoSE, HNX and UPCoM. For the whole market, foreign investors bought 153.6 million shares, worth 3,998 billion VND, while sold 171.8 million shares, worth 4,716 billion VND. The total net selling volume was over 18 million shares, equivalent to a net selling value of 718 billion dong.

Foreign investors saw a net withdrawal of 718 billion dong in the week 5-9 / 10, VNM was still sold strongly

On HoSE, foreign investors continued to net sell at 596 billion VND (down 66% compared to the previous week), corresponding to net selling volume of nearly 4 million shares.

Last week, the foreign investors net bought HPG the most with a value of up to 210 billion dong. Local ETF fund certificates FUEVFVND were net bought 72 billion dong. VCB, STB, SSI, DXG, and MSN were also on the list of strong net buying by foreign investors. On the other side, VNM was still a very strong net-sold stock by foreign investors with a value of up to 357 billion dong. Following that, CTG was also net sold strongly with the value of 134 billion dong. BID and DIG were net sold at VND86 billion and VND66 billion, respectively.

On the HNX, foreign investors reduced their net buying value to just over 3 billion dong (last week they net sold 80 billion dong), corresponding to the volume of 867,000 shares.

NTP was bought the most by foreign investors on HNX with 5.5 billion dong. WCS and IDV saw a net buying of 2 billion and 1.7 billion dong, respectively. On the other side, VCS was sold the most with 4 billion dong, LAS and HCC saw a net buying of 3.3 billion and 2 billion dong. Notably, foreign investors on HNX in the last session of the week had an agreement trade of nearly 40 million ACB shares at the price of 24,000 dong per share, equivalent to a total transaction value of nearly 959 billion dong.

On the UPCoM, foreign investors net sold back 118.5 billion dong, equivalent to 3.3 million shares. VIB was sold the most by foreign investors on UPCoM with the value of 48 billion dong. VGG was also net sold over 26 billion dong. MCH and ACV were both net sold over 20 billion dong. Meanwhile, at the top of the net buying list of foreign investors on this exchange was NTC with a value of only 4.3 billion dong.

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