Vietnam seeks investment opportunities in Ukrainian province of Cherkasy
admin 10-10-2020, 19:48
An industrial park in the province of Cherkasy, Ukraine. (Photo: Fertilizer Daily)

The visit came following Cherkasy Governor Sergey I. Sergeychuk recently issuing an invitation to the Vietnamese side.

In relation to the rest of Eastern Europe, Cherkasy province holds an importantly strategic position in Ukraine due to its economy, with the region connecting the East and the West, the North and the South, whilst its location in the Dnepr River basin provides fertile land with good conditions for agricultural development.

The region also produces plenty of food, whilst also being home to many food processing facilities and poultry raising farms. In addition, Cherkasy is also known as a cultural, educational, tourist, and industrial center in Ukraine.

The visit allowed Ambassador Tuan and the Governor of Cherkasy the chance to compare notes and introduce the potential for economic, scientific, educational, and tourism co-operation between both sides in the future.

The diplomat also noted that many successful Vietnamese businessmen had once studied and worked in Ukraine, with Cherkasy being particular to do business in.

In response, Governor Sergeychuk expressed his great appreciation of Vietnamese achievements in economic development and halting the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). As such, the Governor has declared his readiness to offer favourable conditions for Vietnamese businesses to invest and make greater inroads into Cherkasy. The working session will serve to set the foundations for multi-faceted co-operation between Cherkasy province and Vietnamese localities, he added.

To mark the occasion, the Embassy delegation met with representatives of the Vietnamese community in Cherkasy. Ambassador Tuan called on all people to reinforce solidarity, whilst also striving to offer mutual benefits and affection, thereby overcoming current difficulties together and building a stable and happy world.

The Ambassador also came bearing gifts from the Embassy to families facing difficulties due to the economic downturn caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.