HoSE brokerage market share in the third quarter: SSI continued to lead, VPS suddenly reached the top 3
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HoSE brokerage market share in the third quarter: SSI continued to lead, VPS suddenly reached the top 3

SSI led the market share, VPS overtook VCSC

City Stock Exchange. Ho Chi Minh City (HoSE) has officially announced the ranking of the market share of stock brokerage and fund certificates in the third quarter of 2020.

With 11.82%, SSI Securities Company (HoSE: SSI) continued to be the leading securities company in the ranking. The 3-quarter achievement at No. 1 has helped SSI come closer to the opportunity for 7 consecutive years to lead in brokerage market share.

Behind SSI is still City Securities Company. HCM (HSC, HoSE: HCM) with 8.43% market share.

However, the 3rd place had an unexpected change. VPS Securities Company rose to occupy this position with 7.65% market share. Previously, VPS achieved 6th position in the first quarter and 5th position in the second quarter, showing that the company is maintaining quite good growth momentum.

The familiar name in third place is Vietnamese Capital Securities Company (VCSC, HoSE: VCI) in the third quarter fell to 5th place with only 6.65%.

The 4th place belonged to VNDirect Securities Company.

5 securities companies ranked after: MB Securities Company (MBS) with 5.11% market share, Mirae Asset Securities Company Limited (Vietnam) with 4.49% market share, KIS Vietnam Securities Company South with 3.78% market share, FPT Securities Company (FPTS) with 3.75% market share and Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam Securities Company (BSC) with 3.58% market share.

Be cautious after a period of hyperthermia

The Vietnam stock market has just experienced a volatile third quarter. After the second Covid-19 reaction broke out, the market started a series of recovery days with a large-scale uptrend.

At the end of September 30 session, the VN-Index stopped at 905.21 points, equivalent to an increase of 9.71% in the quarter – becoming one of the leading stock indexes in the world.

Market liquidity also improved significantly with the average matched value on HoSE reaching VND 4,535 billion / session, up 4.2% from the previous quarter and 56% over the same period last year.

Vietnam’s success in realizing its dual goal, both trying to fight epidemics and ensuring economic development, plus some supporting information such as accelerated public investment, export situation and surplus Trade balance was maintained positively, along with psychology of domestic investors (investors) got accustomed to the possibility that the epidemic could last… which are considered to be positive supportive factors for the market.

Besides, the establishment of new ETFs such as SSIAM VN FIN LEAĐ ETF, SSIAM VN30 ETF also contributed to attracting cash flow from foreign investors.

The less positive point was that foreign investors continued to net sell 4,483 billion dong on the HoSE by matching method. However, if both matching and put-through methods were included, foreign investors saw a net buying of 1,775 billion dong on this exchange.

According to SSI experts, VN-Index has had a lot of difficulty in surpassing the psychological level of 900 points. This shows that a cautious sentiment still exists, so this rally reflects investors’ expectation of a post-epidemic economic recovery rather than a hot increase period.

“Although the market still has opportunities, the best buying opportunity may have passed and investors need to set higher risk management for the time being”, the SSI expert recommended.

Source: vietnamfinance.vn – Translated by fintel.vn