Hai Phong conducts logistics system development planning
admin 22-06-2020, 14:08


Hai Phong conducts logistics system development planning
Import and export activities at Hai Phong international container terminal. Photo: T. Binh

This plan is issued to effectively carry out the development and management of the logistics service system in the city, meeting the demand for production and circulation of goods in the domestic market as well as export to foreign countries in the region and the world; strengthening state management, supporting , encouraging and creating favorable market conditions, improving the competitiveness and development of logistics services.

According to the Plan, the People’s Committee of Hai Phong assigns departments, agencies and related units and organization to publicize the planning; promoting communication via public media to raise the awareness of importance of the logistics service for the development of the city and disseminate international commitments of Vietnam related to the logistics service.

At the same time, to carry out tasks and solutions such as: policies to attract investment, policies to support logistics service development; building infrastructure linked with logistics centers and list of projects prioritized for investment; developing business system providing logistics service; policies to raise human resources, science and technology, and land fund for logistics development.

Currently, Hai Phong is the largest import and export gateway in the Northern region.In 2019 the volume of goods via ports in Hai Phong was 130 million tons. This is also anarea with many enterprises operating in the field of logistics.


By Thai Binh/ Huyen Trang