HCM City export goods still increase during pandemic
VietReader 16-09-2020, 10:03

HCM City export goods still increase during pandemic
During the Covid-19 pandemic, goods imported and exported through the seaports in Ho Chi Minh City were still bustling. In the photo: Cat Lai Port, HCM City. Source: Internet

The main key exported items are vegetables and fruits (increasing 34.19%); computers, electronic products and components (increasing 26.2%); rice (increasing 14.24%).

In particular, the production value of high-tech products was estimated at $12,685 billion, up 15.85% over the same period last year. Of that, export value reached $11,992 billion, up nearly 21% and import value reached $11,534 billion, increasing 11.8%.

The index of industrial production of the city in the first eight months also increased by 2.1% over the same period last year. Four major industries were estimated to increase 2.5% over the same period last year.

However, enterprises’ production in HCM City is still facing many difficulties. In eight months, there were 21,266 enterprises shutting down, increasing 5.35% over the same period last year. Besides that, there were 3,566 enterprises completing dissolution procedures, increasing by more than 12% and 10,382 enterprises temporarily suspended operations, up nearly 15% over the same period.

Recently, HCM City has put forward many solutions to support businesses facing difficulties. Accordingly, commercial banks have focused on supporting two main groups: reducing interest rates and restructuring debt to keep the debt group, reaching VND583,157 billion for 240,407 customers; receiving 725 cases of enterprises being affected by Covid-19.

Along with job creation for employees, as of August 10, the city has resolved 543,345 subjects affected by Covid-19 (reaching a rate of 100%) with the total amount of more than VND595 billion. For the remaining groups, the city has supported workers who have stopped working and postponed jobs (including preschool teachers) with the number of 69,573 subjects and total amount of over VND71 billion.

The city supports workers who have temporarily terminated labor contracts, but are not eligible for unemployment benefits, up to now, it has settled for 1,046 people with a total amount of over VND1 billion.

Regarding other freelance workers, the districts have paid to support 144,072 people, supporting 1,347 business households with the total amount of over VND1.3 billion.

In September, HCM City implemented policies to support credit for businesses facing difficulties due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic in the new situation (2nd support package).

At the same time, HCM City will focus on preventing, combating and controlling the Covid-19 pandemic, ensuring the safety and psychological stability of the people, and at the same time drastically implementing socio-economic goals.

Strictly manage temporary residence, detect cases of illegal immigration in the community in order to take measures to handle those who bring people illegally into the country; strictly handle cases of giving incorrect information about the Covid-19 pandemic.

By Thu Dịu/Thanh Thuy