More than 3,900 billion foreign capital poured into the market the week VN-Index stepped back at 900 points
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The stock market in the week of September 7-11 had a hard time facing the resistance zone of 900 points. The bright spot for the market was that foreign investors turned to a net buying of nearly 3,922 billion dong for the whole market last week. Accordingly, the remarkable trade of foreign investors was mainly due to the huge deal on VHM shares on 10/9 session.

The stock market in the week of September 7-11 could no longer keep the momentum of a month earlier. The VN-Index struggled at the resistance zone of 900 points and moved sideway in the 800 – 900 range throughout the trading week.

Contrary to the underperforming movement of the market, foreign investors turned to a net buying of nearly 3,922 billion dong with a volume of 24.2 million shares. While the previous week, they still net sold nearly 250 billion dong on the whole market.

The extraordinary foreign trade was mainly due to the huge put-through transaction of VHM shares on 10/9 session.

Specifically, on the Thursday market, there appeared a put-through transaction of 67 million VHM shares of Vinhomes, traded at VND75,000 / share, equivalent to VND5,023 billion. The buying side in the above transaction is foreign investors and the selling side is domestic investors.

Foreign investors saw a sudden net buying of 3,900 billion dong thanks to the huge deal of VHM shares

On HOSE, foreign investors bought 8080 billion dong and sold out 4,185 billion dong. Accordingly, the net buying value of the week was 3,896 billion dong. The corresponding net buying volume is 24.04 million units. In the stock market, this block focused on discharging 3,740 billion dong. In addition, the net selling value recorded in the local ETF fund certificate market was 157 billion dong.

More than 3,900 billion foreign capital poured into the market the week VN-Index stepped back at 900 points

Source: Thu Thuy compiled from Fiinpro

Top 10 stocks attracting the most foreign capital flow, shares of VHM led the lead with a value of VND 4,912 billion thanks to a huge turn-over session on September 10.

For more information about the deal of handing over 5,000 billion VND of VHM shares, the selling side has a domestic investor named NVT when this individual owns about 2.7% of the charter capital of Vinhomes (equivalent to 72, 3 million shares of VHM). With the transaction value of 75,000 VND / share, the value of VHM shares held by Mr. N. V. T is about 5,500 billion VND.

Additionally, the sole bookrunner in this deal transaction is Credit Suisse.

Also in stock trading, foreign investors gathered hundreds of billion more only PLX code (219 billion dong). This is the second consecutive week that Petrolimex’s shares have attracted foreign capital despite the information about the margin cut because the after-tax profit of the parent company’s shareholders on the first 6 months of 2020 consolidated financial statement is negative.

On the other hand, foreign capital inflows to shares of VRE (VND 99 billion), KSB (VND 82 billion), NLG (VND 17 billion), DGW (VND 14 billion), VPI (VND 12 billion) and TCH (VND 12 billion).

Two fund certificates in the top net buying of the week were FUEVFVND and E1VFVN30 with value of VND 143 billion and VND 82 billion respectively.

Top10 was under pressure to divest from foreign investors, HPG shares recorded the highest value of 524 billion dong.

Contrary to less positive developments in the stock market, Hoa Phat recently exported the first batch of 2,500 tons of S95 fine-ground blast furnace slag to Australia. According to Hoa Phat Group, this is the first time that Vietnam has sold the S95 to foreign markets.

Besides, foreign investors also net sold over 100 billion dong of KDH shares (146 billion dong), VIC (113 billion dong), VNM (110 billion dong), and VCB (108 billion dong). In the same direction, FUESSVFL code recorded a net selling value of 67 billion dong, followed by NBB under pressure of 65 billion dong discharge from foreign investors. Similar movements with shares of BID (62 billion VND), GEX (55 billion VND) and MSN (53 billion VND).

Foreign investors focused on gathering SHB shares

On the HNX, foreign investors poured capital into the market in most of the trading session, except Wednesday. Accordingly, the net buying value of foreign investors on this floor in one week reached 22 billion VND with the volume of 627,135 shares.

Source: Thu Thuy compiled from Fiinpro

In terms of specific value, foreign investors net bought mainly SHB shares (30 billion dong). Besides, other codes that recorded net buying value during the week were VCS (6.5 billion dong), NTP (3.8 billion dong), and TIG (3.2 billion dong). Some other stocks reached the top net buying list such as IDV, VCG, CVN, INN, PVB and SRA.

Meanwhile, PVS shares were net withdrawn by foreign investors with 3.54 billion dong, followed by SHS (3.53 billion dong), DXP (2.3 billion dong) and SLS (2.1 billion dong). Foreign investors also put net selling pressure on VMC, WCS, IDC, PLC, AMV and VIX shares.

Similarly, foreign investors’ net selling was overwhelming on UPCoM

Similar movements in UPCoM market when foreign investors net bought slightly with nearly 4 billion dong, but net sold in volume of 507,108 units. During the week, foreign investors were net buyers on Tuesdays and Thursdays while they were net sellers in the remaining sessions.

Source: Thu Thuy compiled from Fiinpro

On the net buying side, foreign investors gathered MCH (7.3 billion dong), NTC (3.04 billion dong), in addition, FOC (1.4 billion dong) and VGI (1.1 billion dong). Besides, shares of OIL, WSB, BDT, LTG, TPS and NHT also attracted cash flow from foreign investors.

On the other side, QNS was net sold by foreign investors by 3.7 billion dong, at the same time, it was the leader in terms of net selling value. Along with that, they saw a net withdrawal of other codes like VEA (2.8 billion dong), ACV (1.6 billion dong), and MSR (1.4 billion dong). Cash flow was also withdrawn from shares such as ABC, BSR, MFS, PGV, SIP, POS.

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