Mass fish deaths on Ha Nam river
VietReader 14-09-2020, 16:18

A huge amount of fish has been found dead on a river in the northern province of Ha Nam due to serious pollution.

Chau River in Ha Nam Province is a branch of the Nhue River which starts from Hanoi. From September 6, the water of the Chau River has turned into black with bad odour, causing mass fish deaths on the section running through Tien Phong, Tien Hai and Tien Son communes in Duy Tien District.

Mass fish deaths on Ha Nam river

The fish was found dead on Chau River

The section is a fish breeding area for hundreds of local people.

Nguyen Van Luan, a fish breeder in the area, said that since September 6, dozens of tonnes of fish have been found dead, resulting in losses of billions of VND.

According to Luan, Chau River’s water usually turns into black 3-4 times a year because of the pollution of Nhue River. Despite knowing this, local people still raise fish as some do not have any better way of earning a living. Several fishing villages have existed along the river for many years.

The pollution also affects irrigation for riverside farming areas.

According to the provincial Department of Natural Resources and Environment, Chau River has a much higher content of ammonia than regulated. But the problem is caused by the pollution of Nhue River’s upper stream area, so it is quite challenging for the agency to seek solutions.