Ha Noi has received over 60% of Income Tax finalization dossiers
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VCN- Finalization for personal income tax and corporate income tax in 2018 will end in less than 1 month. Currently, the support for taxpayers has taken place quite smoothly. Mr. Mai Son, Deputy Director of Hanoi Tax Department talked about this issue.

Mr. Mai Son

Right from the beginning of March 2019, Ha Noi Tax Department has deployed many synchronous solutions to support tax payers in the Personal Income Tax (PIT) finalization 2018. Can you please tell me about the achievement at present date?

For the reception of PIT finalization dossiers, on 26 March 2019, Ha Noi Tax Department received 42,429 PIT finalization dossiers; 60,527 corporate income tax finalization (CIT) dossiers. This figure reached over 60% of the total estimated dossier and increased by 40% compared to the same period last year.

Currently, nearly 100 units that are corporations, groups, organizations, banks and enterprises, with large numbers of tax finalization dossiers, have requested the Department to receive their dossiers. The Department has assigned tax officials to directly support these units in declaring, inspecting and reviewing tax finalization dossiers and have received dossiers at the units or at Inspection Divisions. Typically, the Department has received 1,000 sets of PIT finalization dossiers from the Military Telecom Corporation (Viettel).

As a city with a large number of taxpayers, what is the plan implemented by Ha Noi Tax Department for “the month of accompanying taxpayers” in this year to prevent overloading?

Recently, Ha Noi Tax Department has strengthened tax collection through organizations for individuals subject to authorization for tax finalization. At the same time, the Department also reviewed and classified support organisations. Organisations which have a large proportion of taxpayers with large tax are guided first to complete the dossiers.

The Department has made plans for corporations, groups, banks, processing zones, industrial parks… Accordingly, the tax authority will directly instruct at these units. Moreover, Ha Noi Tax Department has also promoted the online tax payment.

Especially, Ha Noi Tax Department has applied strong information technology in steps and stages in tax administration; drastically and effectively deployed many schemes of the Tax sector such as: e-tax declaration and payment, e-office, e-invoice, e-tax refund. These are key solutions to solve the overload at Tax authority.

Although dealing with a large number of taxpayers submitting tax finalization dossiers, for the CIT finalization dossiers, almost all enterprises in the city has implemented e-tax payment, thus over 98% of enterprises have implemented e-tax payment and over 96% of enterprises have registered e-tax payment.

Although it is one of the cities with the largest number of tax finalization dossiers in the country, Ha Noi Tax Department has effectively supported taxpayers. Could you tell me about solutions provided by Ha Noi Tax Department to further facilitate tax payers?

In order to create maximum facilitation for taxpayers, Hanoi Tax Department has provided a specific and detailed plan; assigned tasks to each unit and officer, and all preparatory steps have been carefully implemented and have drawn experiences from shortcomings in previous periods.

The propaganda about the support month is implemented quickly, which means that the information shall be received promptly and widely in the whole city. All policies and procedures for tax finalization are summarized and edited by the tax authorities and sent to taxpayers via email addresses registered and connected with tax authorities. The training for enterprises has been deployed early with the motto of no delays in the peak week. The system of facilities, machinery, and human resource are arranged, to be ready from the first day of the month.

All this preparatory work has been regularly inspected and supervised by heads of units and leaders at all levels in the Tax authorities.

Ha Noi has received over 60% of Income Tax finalization dossiers
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Only a few days to end the tax finalization month of 2018, can you make some recommendations to tax payers?

Individuals who have overpaid taxes and request a PIT refund may submit their dossiers at any time. Thus, in order to prevent the process taking a lengthy time for taxpayers, and reduce the pressure on both taxpayers and tax officers, Hanoi Tax Department recommends that taxpayers who have a demand for PIT refunds, may submit their dossiers after the deadline for submission of PIT finalization dossier 2018 (after 1 April 2019).

Hanoi Tax Department expects taxpayers to comply well with the tax law policies, and recommend businesses, organizations and individuals to carry out tax finalization in accordance with regulations.

Thank you, Sir!

By Thuy Linh/ Ngoc Loan