Stock market September 4: The VN-Index regained the level of 900 points, a group of securities surged
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Stock market September 4: The VN-Index regained the level of 900 points, a group of securities surged

Vietnam stock market recovered strongly in this afternoon session, securities and real estate groups in industrial zones attracted cash flow.

As of 13h55, the VN-Index decreased 1.52 points (0.17%) to 902.45 points, HNX-Index decreased 0.1% to 125.93 points, UPCoM-Index decreased 0.15% to 58.87 point.

Stocks of securities group attracted cash flow today. Some stocks gained strongly such as VIX, ORS, VCI, HAC, CTS, HCM, SSI. All of these stocks have an increase rate of 2% to 10%.

Pausing the morning session, the VN-Index dropped 4.51 points (0.45%) to 899.46 points, HNX-Index dropped 1.1% to 124.66 points, UPCoM-Index dropped 0.27% to 58, 8 pts.

The demand increased, pulling the index closer to reference. At one point, the VN-Index dropped more than 1 point. However, some large-cap codes dropped deeply then dragged the VN-Index down nearly 5 points in the last minutes of the morning session. The three stocks that had the most negative impact on the index’s decline were VCB, VIC and GAS.

Despite the market’s decline, BCM shares continued to hit the ceiling price, temporarily stopped the morning session at 41,100 dong / share. Currently, this stock has excess buying volume at the ceiling price of nearly 110,000 units.

Besides BCM, a series of other industrial zone stocks also prospered in this morning session such as TIP, D2D, SZL, NTC, VGC, KBC and LHG.

The liquidity of the market today decreased compared to yesterday. The total trading volume on HOSE reached nearly 212 million units, equivalent to 3,831 billion dong.

As of 10:35 am, the VN-Index decreased 4.13 points (0.46%) to 899.84 points, HNX-Index decreased 0.75% to 125.1 points, UPCoM-Index decreased 0.37% to 58.74 point.

After a few minutes of deep decline at the beginning of the session, the market recovered again, the VN-Index regained the level of 900 points. Some large-cap stocks strongly recovered such as CTG, VRE, KDH,

As of 9.20am, the VN-Index fell 9.13 points (1.01%) to 894.84 points, the HNX-Index fell 1.36% to 124.33 points, the UPCoM-Index fell 0.85% to 58.46 point.

Vietnam’s stock market fell at the beginning of the session following the slump of the international stock market. VN30 group was deep in red with 29 decliners and 1 unchanged. The strongest losers in this group were VPB, PNJ, POW, TCH, FPT and BID.

All three “Vingroup” stocks, VIC, VRE, and VHM, all dropped their prices, increasing the downward pressure on the general market. Some stocks in the real estate group dropped sharply such as FLC, TDH, CII, QCG, and AGG. On the other side, some stocks remained positive such as OGC, VCR.

In banking group, most codes decreased except LPB, NVB stood still at reference price. KLB share price increased by 2.1% to 9,900 dong / share. After yesterday’s exciting session, VCB stock dropped 1% to 85,300 dong / share, becoming the ticker that had the most negative impact on the index.

Returning to the general market movement, the Vietnam stock market fell at the beginning partly due to the pessimism of domestic investors when the US stock market was sold off last night.

According to CNBC, the Dow Jones industrial average lost 808 points, or 2.8%, to close at 28,293 points. This is the strongest drop of the 30-blue-chip index since June 11.

The S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite also plunged 3.5 percent and 5 percent, respectively, and together fell from the historic peaks that were continuously established in the previous sessions.

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