7-month fruit and vegetable exports fetch nearly USD2 billion
admin 11-08-2020, 17:44

7-month fruit and vegetable exports fetch nearly USD2 billion
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China ranked first among markets importing fruits and vegetables from Vietnam, with a share of more than 59%. 

Most markets saw value rise such as the Republic of Korea (25.5%), Thailand (234%), the US (nearly 10%), and Japan (13%). 

The ministry reported fruit and vegetable export value reduction was due to decrease in some key items, including blue dragon fruit, which made up the biggest market share, down 6%, banana 9.5%, durian 71% and watermelon 38.5%. 

During this year’s strong litchi season in some Northern provinces, Bac Giang gained a sharp increase in output and revenue compared to the same period last year. Accordingly, revenue from Thieu litchi in the locality reached over VND5.1 trillion, up 107.7%. Average lichi price was VND31,200 per kilogram. 

The major export markets of Vietnamese litchis are China, Japan, the US, the EU, Singapore, the Republic of Korea, Thailand, Australia and Canada. 

A few weeks earlier, dozens of tonnes of Vietnamese longans have been exported to Australia and distributed in the states of South Australia and Western Australia.

The most recent was the shipment of 7.5 tonnes of longans from the Mekong Delta provinces which has arrived in Australia. In 2019, longan became the fourth Vietnamese fruit to gain permission to enter the Australian market, after litchi, mango and dragon fruit.

According to the ministry, import value of fruit and vegetables over the past 7 months reached USD708 million, a year-on-year decrease of 37.7%. The US, China and Australia were the three biggest importers of Vietnamese fruits and vegetables./.