Masan Group has a new CEO
admin 19-06-2020, 23:29

The Board of Directors of Masan Group (Masan Group – MSN) has just passed a resolution appointing Mr. Danny Le as the CEO of Masan Group for a 5-year term. The official appointment decision takes effect from June 19.

Masan Group has a new CEO

Source: Masan Group

Mr. Danny Le was born in 1984, holds a Bachelor’s degree from Bowdoin University, USA. Prior to joining Masan, Mr. Danny Le was an analyst, Investment Banking at Morgan Stanley during 2006-2010.

Around this time, Mr. Danny Le has participated in many M&A deals and capital market transactions and privatized for many customers around the globe.

Joining Masan Group in 2010, Mr. Danny Le currently holds the position of Chief Strategy and Development Officer at Masan, who has an important role in building the growth strategy of Masan Group, as well as directly organize M&A transactions to build the strategic foundation of the Group.

Talking about the prospects of Masan Group, Mr. Danny Le believes that “Masan will become the first Vietnamese company to be recognized by the world as a unicorn in the consumer industry, which is the core mission of the collective as well as each Masan people “.