Flag salute ceremony at frontline gas field
ChandraGarran04 26-11-2022, 23:18
Flag salute ceremony at frontline gas field

The Hai Thach-Moc Tinh gas field cluster is located in blocks 05-2 and 05-3 of the Nam Con Son Basin, around 320 kilometers southeast of Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province. This area lies at a depth of 118 to 145 meters and has a highly complex geological structure.

Musician Truong Quy Hai wrote a special song for the flag salute ceremony, called “The East Sea flies the national flag”. It inspires participants with the words “put your hands on your heart, together we look towards the national flag...”

Due to the complexity and technical difficulties of the project, and other issues, BP transferred the project back to Vietnam after nine years of research and expenditure exceeding US$500 million. After BP’s withdrawal, Petrovietnam successfully developed the East Sea 01 project on its own thanks to application of the most modern and advanced exploration, drilling, mechanical engineering technologies necessitated by the distinctive geological features.

BIENDONG POC Petroleum Operating Company represents Petrovietnam in the research, development and operation of the two Hai Thach-Moc Tinh gas fields. In addition to economic contributions to the country, the employees of BIENDONG POC are proud of the tradition of the oil and gas industry and of the will and patriotism of those who perform this difficult work of oil and gas exploration and exploitation.

Work on the rig resumes after the flag salute ceremony on the helipad. Dr. Ngo Huu Hai, General Director of BIENDONG POC, and the oil rig’s director Doan Mai Lam check equipment on the rig. The Hai Thach-Moc Tinh oil rig is located in an area of very high pressure and abnormally high temperatures. The deepest well lies at a depth of more than 4,600 meters, with temperature at its bottom of up to 190 degrees Celsius and pressure exceeding 890 atmospheres.

The flag salute ceremony on the Hai Thach drilling rig has been performed by BIENDONG POC since July 2018, and was recognized by the Vietnam Records Organization as the flag raising ceremony at the farthest oil rig in the East Sea. Dr. Ngo Huu Hai, General Director of BIENDONG POC, said the ceremony at the beginning of each week aims to instill patriotism, national pride and gratitude to previous generations who have sacrificed for the independence and freedom of the fatherland, and remind BIENDONG POC staff of the importance of serving the fatherland and the people.

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