Best products to manufacture and source in Vietnam
doyen1988 3-11-2022, 10:58

Vietnam is reaching the top of manufacturing countries with some major categories of products exported all over the world thanks to the quality that is getting higher year by year, supply chain disturbance, as well as big companies across the globe starting to source in Vietnam with a rise of a double-digit percentage.

The products listed below are those best products to source in Vietnam playing a huge part in the rise of Vietnam’s exports.

1. Clothing and Textiles

The garment and textiles has been contributing great value to the total exports of the country every year and in spite of the negative impact from the covid epidemic, the clothing and textiles industry of Vietnam is on the rise and is currently the 4th largest clothing manufacturing in the world.

Besides this product category, this video will dig into some of the best products “Made in Vietnam” to manufacture and export from Vietnam.

For more content about sourcing and manufacturing products in Vietnam, this playlist on Youtube will provide you with updated information regarding “made in Vietnam” products and help foreign buyers to find sources in Vietnam.

One of many reasons why Vietnam’s trusted by largest clothing names is because of its specialization and the high quality of the products they made, plus the cost of labor in Vietnam is way lower compared to its neighbor China. Biggest clothing brands are moving their supply chains from China to Vietnam due to the rising costs and many conflicts between China and the West.

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2. Footwear

After China and India, Vietnam ranks fourth globally in terms of the production of footwear. Vietnam exports more leather and shoes than any other country, excluding China. More than 1 billion pairs of shoes of all types are exported from Vietnam each year to hundreds of nations over the globe. The highest amount of Vietnam’s total export revenue is specifically attributed to the export of footwear to the EU.

The labor forces are capable of performing any high-level task in order to produce shoes that meet the quality standards from biggest footwear brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma,…

3. Furniture

Vietnam has a very wide-range of furniture products on the market as well as all kinds of wood that you need in order to manufacture wooden furniture like acacia, rubberwood, walnut or even bamboo. Their workforces are capable of making many types of furniture products including wicker furniture, rattan furniture or metal furniture etc… at a very high level so you don’t need to worry about the quality of their products.

There is no lack of wood because Vietnam is a forested nation. There are numerous plantations and wood providers in the nation who are FSC Certified and can harvest wood sustainably.

4. Agricultural products

In the current epidemic scenario, Vietnam is the best option because of its abundant supply of guaranteed-quality agricultural products and food that are suited for many different consumer categories on the global market. The leading types of agricultural products of Vietnam are coffee, cashew nuts, rice, tea and many more. Thanks to the enormous amount of agricultural land and the variety of agricultural products, Vietnam is able to meet the demands from importers.

Vietnam is creating a high-tech agricultural zone with the goal of bringing better products in terms of quality, branding, adherence to food safety requirements, etc.; consequently, satisfying consumer preferences in importing nations and boosting competitiveness. Notably, Vietnam has consistently improved its administrative practices and has numerous beneficial policies to foster an environment that is suitable for investors to conduct business.

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5. Wooden products

The nation has a long history of exporting furniture and wood, which has allowed it to develop a strong supply chain with a wide and flexible sourcing market. There is never a lack of wood in this forested nation since so many vendors collect it sustainably.

Vietnamese manufacturers are able to create both indoor and outdoor furniture from a variety of materials. However, the indoor sector dominates because these products are principally in demand in the major export markets. According to statistics, 70% of producers create indoor furniture, including living room, bedroom, kitchen, and office pieces.