The Filmore Da Nang makes waves in municipal property market
doyen1988 10-10-2022, 10:57

Within just two hours, a large number of units found their owners. Customers’ desire towards The Filmore Da Nang continues to rise after that reception and becomes the talk of the city among businesspeople.

“We want to develop an iconic building in Danang and an empowered community instead of a simple high-end housing project,” shared Andy Han, CEO of FilmoreDevelopment

The project is developed by Filmore Development which has allured the attention of the market by virtue of the innovative concepts for property development.

According to Andy Han, CEO of Filmore Development, the outstanding sales performance on the first day of rolling out enhances the company’s great confidence in the project’s prosperity, particularly amid the doldrums of the real estate market.

It also greatly confirmed Filmore Development’s vision of developing bold, international standard residence projects that offer unique living spaces meeting new trends of the global luxury real estate market and approaching homebuyers in dynamic ways.

The Filmore Da Nang is one of the few projects that meet all of the stringent criteria of a luxury condominium by offering both complete functionality and the latest luxurious lifestyle for its residents.

Thanks to that positive reception, the leaders of Filmore Development have shared their intention to speed up the company’s disruptive plans for The Filmore Da Nang which aims to turn the project into a new architectural icon of Danang.

The huge success of The Filmore Da Nang’s launching event is lauded as a vigorous wave in Danang’s and the region’s real estate market.

The Filmore Da Nang sets its selling price relatively high amidst the cautious market sentiment. Nevertheless, the growing recognition shows investors’ great expectations for promising products.

The Filmore Da Nang, according to the city’s realtors, has set a new norm for luxury condominiums and bridged the gap between domestic and international real estate standards. It has also brought strong inspiration to other developers in the segment.

The Filmore Da Nang is one of the few projects that meet all of the stringent criteria of a luxury condominium by offering both complete functionality and the latest luxurious lifestyle for its residents.

It is also the reason behind the project’s attraction, according to most customers. The project proudly boasts all of the advantages in terms of location, geography, architectural design, living spaces, amenities, and freehold ownership, among others. Ever since its inception, The Filmore Da Nang has been listed as one of the most appealing names in Danang.

Over 200 customers and investors from Danang and across the country participated in the launching event of The FilmoreDa Nang

Located next to the Han River and in the heart of the city centre, The Filmore Da Nang possesses a sweeping, panoramic view of the riverside area as well as My Khe Beach and the Son Tra Peninsula.

It is among the very few projects that have cantilevered balconies. This architectural design creates an epic view and transforms the regular balcony in each condominium into a spectacular living space. All units at The Filmore Da Nang will be finished with modern fittings, equipment and home appliances imported from global reputable brands.

Meanwhile, Filmore Development has bagged high praise from investors for its strategy, vision, and capacity. These advantages are evident in the breakthroughs of the product model, meticulous implementation, and decisiveness in applying international standards and the progressive, high-touch living philosophy.

The Filmore Da Nang is at the forefront of wellness real estate in Vietnam and the first of its kind in the “well-ness by well-tech” trend that aims at creating a living space with wonderful experiences for its residents.

Thanks to its outstanding features, The Filmore Da Nang by Filmore Development has established its own community of customers and investors. Members of this community are looking for excellent living spaces to improve their living quality or second home that creates new experiences with promising and value-added potentials for sustainable investments.

“We aspire to create an architectural icon that blends with many important surrounding works like the Dragon Bridge, APEC Park, and Bach Dang Square to make the urban landscape even more vibrant. Ultimately, we don’t want to add just a simple project to Danang but bring about higher values, such as a symbol of architecture and a community that fosters new factors for the city’s future,” shared Han.