The 10th anniversary VietinBank - MUFG strategic alliance
tranthuy02 30-09-2022, 13:58

A series of activities has been planned to celebrate the 10th anniversary.

To kick-start the celebrations, on September 22, VietinBank and MUFG held a ceremony to launch the logo for the 10th anniversary of the VietinBank - MUFG strategic alliance.

The decade-long alliance between both banks is symbolised by the fusion of their corporate colours within the anniversary logo – a synergy of VietinBank’s trusted blue and MUFG’s vibrant red.

Inspired by the sun as the world’s greatest source of energy, and the beauty of the Vietnamese lotus flower and Japanese cherry blossoms, the anniversary logo also blends cultural elements from both countries and reaffirms the commitment of the banks to continue fostering bilateral economic ties.

The union is an exemplary demonstration of the friendship built over the years and mutual respect and admiration for the cultural affinity between Vietnam and Japan. Towards this end, the banks are committed to deepening this foundation of trust and partnership for the benefit of their clients, communities, and countries.

This anniversary logo will be used across all activities, events, and printed publications by both VietinBank and MUFG Vietnam branches ahead of the series of celebrations scheduled for 2023.