BWH Hotel Group's partner selection strategy for Hometel-style apartments
daitranvan 27-09-2022, 08:00

Notwithstanding this, prominent operating organizations always use stringent criteria when selecting cooperation partners, thanks to their decades of industry experience and stellar reputations.

Regarding this alliance trend, we had a conversation with Mr. Olivier Berrivin, Vice President of International Operations, APAC, BWH Hotel Group, about the criteria for selecting partners in the Vietnamese market; in particular, the recent cooperation event with Hung Vuong Developer (HVD) for two apartment buildings, The Venice5&6, is a typical example.

Alliance with international partners is the trend of project development in the resort real estate market


How does BWH Hotel Group, one of the world's top hotel brands, select an operation management cooperation project, given its prominence?

Mr. Olivier Berrivin:

BWH Hotel Group has always emphasized sustainable development. As a result, we have a set of standards that we follow when selecting partners to put into practice on a worldwide scale in order to accomplish sustainable development and generate standard value in the market. In particular, these standards will be made more strict for Best Western Premier (BWP), which is the most premium brand offered by Best Western Hotels & Resorts and operates in accordance with international 5-star standards.

For project selection, BWH Hotel Group will conduct research and a careful evaluation of the destination's potential, accessibility, and attractiveness to domestic and international markets, as well as its competitiveness with products of the same segment, location, and unique utility experiences.

To guarantee effective and lasting collaboration over the long term, The Group takes into account not only the capabilities of its partners but also their reputations. This is done by evaluating the quality of completed projects, ongoing initiatives and future potential. Because of these high standards, the group's cooperative projects are of a high enough quality to make the products more appealing in both the domestic and worldwide markets.

After conducting research, making comparisons, and making an impartial assessment, BWH Hotel Group concluded that Hung Vuong Developer (HVD) satisfies all of these criteria. As a result, BWH Hotel Group is confident that the two parties will have a long-term partnership.

The Group picks Best Western Premier, the most premium brand among Best Western Hotels and Resorts, for The Venice5&6, thereby opening the door to a cycle of sustainable growth, expanding utility capacity, and completing 5-star service standards for the overall coastal urban region of Venezia Beach.


So, based on what specific factors did BWH Hotel Group evaluate The Venice 5 & 6 at Venezia Beach before deciding on official strategic cooperation in operation management?

Mr. Olivier Berrivin:

The Venice5&6 at Venezia Beach was selected by BWH Hotel Group thanks to its primary benefits, which include (1) its location, (2) the project type that is in line with both current market trends and requirements, and (3) its investment level and international 5-star standard design.

In terms of location, Vietnam is blessed by nature with a coastline that is 3,260 kilometers long, more than 3,000 islands, and more than 125 beaches. The country also contains gorgeous scenery from the North to the South. This presents a significant opportunity to establish itself as a premier tourist destination on the international stage.

Particularly, the Ho Tram - Binh Chau - Ham Tan region is one of the attractions not only appeal to tourists from the home market but also those from other countries. The line of beach apartments here has strong development prospects thanks to the advantages of geographical distance and the synchronous development of transport infrastructure in the period 2022-2025, such as Long Thanh Airport, Phan Thiet Airport, Bien Hoa - Vung Tau Expressway, Dau Giay - Phan Thiet Expressway, and the expansion of Vung Tau - Binh Chau Coastal Road.

Hometel The Venice5&6 fully inherits the value system of HomeResort Venezia Beach with 16 all-in-one utility clusters

In terms of project type and market trends, in the past two years the desire for a second home with a resort nature and proximity to nature has risen dramatically to restore positive energy after a hectic lifestyle. With support from traffic and a two-hour geographical distance, the project is a great site for a second home.

Regarding the level of investment and design of international 5-star standards, the beach apartments that HVD constructed and developed should adhere to the standards of Best Western Premier. Every aspect of the property, beginning with the opulent lobby area and continuing throughout the apartment, has been designed to provide a memorable and remarkable stay for its guests. The fact that HVD is aware of the critical elements that contribute to the accomplishment of a project is the assurance that the valuable working relationship that exists between the two organizations will be successful.

What kinds of services does the group offer to The Venice5&6 residents? How does the operation management strategy that BWP uses with The Venice5&6 differ from the general standards that apply to the entire system?

Best Western Hotels and Resorts has established an optimal operation management system per the criteria by using the international 5-star facilities that HVD designed for The Venice5&6. To be more specific, a series of services, including reception, housekeeping, laundry, home food service, home spa treatment, and so on, are always ready to provide for the needs of the residents upon request.

Home, Hotel, and Hospitality are all brought together in perfect harmony at the Venice 5&6, resulting in a full-fledged Hometel

At The Venice 5&6, we blended the ideas behind HVD and Hometel to provide you with the notion of apartments designed in the Hometel style. The elements of the home, hotel and hospitality are all presented here. As a result, residents have the ability to both live and settle down with long-term ownership, utilize it as a second home, and be welcomed and cared for as a visitor thanks to the hospitality services with a high-class service system like an international 5-star hotel.

Thank you, sir!

BWH Hotel Group is one of the largest hotel groups in the world, with over 51 million loyal customers, 75 years of expertise in the hospitality industry, more than 4,500 hotels located in over 100 countries and regions, and more. The Group presently owns 17 brands, one of which, Best Western Premier, is the operating brand that specializes in the range of worldwide 5-star hotels and resorts.