Growth 101: How to Take Your Marketing Model Global
duonghanhnguyen 15-08-2022, 11:11

In 2022, opportunities for business owners abound. The rise of the internet has made it possible for even the smallest enterprise to sell its goods and services around the world, and this is something you can take advantage of.

If you’re wondering how it works, we’ll preface this by saying it isn’t easy – but it is possible for anyone with a serious mind to expand. If you’re looking for ways to grow your business and think foreign audiences might offer the solution, here’s a brief guide to help you successfully market to them.

Communication is key

If we asked what it is that’s currently stopping you from selling to a global audience, what would your answer be? Most likely, the language barrier would feature somewhere in your response.

It’s a legitimate answer – but it’s also one that can be easily overcome. Look at a site like Vegas Slots Online, for example, which specialises in casino table games, to see how it’s done. The website’s business model centres around reviewing internet casinos. Not only does it provide rankings and ratings but tips and tricks to help punters navigate this online world. As many of the casinos it reviews cater to a global audience, it makes sense that its products will also appeal to them – so long as they can understand the content it’s sharing. To facilitate this, it has a dropdown menu that contains numerous language options for the user to choose from.

There are lots of website builders that include this among their features, so before you go any further, check to see if the platform you use is one of them. If it is, take advantage. If it isn’t, you might need the help of a website developer to include something similar on your landing pages. This way, your site instantly becomes navigable to an international audience.

Accurate translations matter

It’s not enough for your content to be available in another language; you must make sure the translations you use are accurate. Google Translate can be a good starting point, but the calibre of its output means it isn’t sufficient for the long term. What you need is the help of a professional translator/s to convert your content.

When it comes to new output, it’s a little easier, as you can choose a copywriter who’s fluent in the language you want to write in. Although this means you won’t have the same content featured on each of your subdomains, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. That’s because of a concept known as “localisation”.

Localisation can boost your brand’s appeal

Source: Pixabay

On that note, localisation matters! If you’re wondering what it is, we’ve linked to a great article on the topic. Essentially, it’s the process of adapting your content so it resonates in another country or locale. While this can, at its most basic level, encompasses translations, there’s a bit more to it than that.

The idea is to make your content feel like it’s been locally produced. This can include everything from changing spellings to altering phrasing, using different date and time formats, swapping out hyperlinks, and so on. Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke” campaign is a good example, as the company altered the names on its bottles according to the countries drinks were sold in.

The best way to give your content a local feel and help it appeal to your audience is by outsourcing to marketing professionals in the place you’re targeting. For example, if you want to produce a localised set of landing pages, you might liaise with a local agency or copywriter so they can produce suitable content for you.

Keywords will be different between countries

We all know search engine optimisation (SEO) is one of the foundations underpinning modern marketing. As with everything pertaining to your business’s digital transformation, you’ll have had to take your advertising online. You can’t do this successfully without understanding the fundamental role of keywords.

However, just because a keyword is important in one country, doesn’t mean it will be the same in another. Rather than directly translating your keyword-rich content, you need to focus on what your new keywords should be and then update your strategy accordingly.

When it comes to successfully marketing to a global audience, there’s much to consider, but keeping in mind these four key points should be sufficient to set you on the road to success.

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