Houses that entice even the most discerning owners
daitranvan 31-03-2022, 10:12

Several market research reports on real estate by experts in the US, Europe, Australia, and Asia show that housing trends have changed. New requirements are set in the luxury apartment segment, and there is nothing more important than customers’ right to choose their own house. Project developers, therefore, attempt to create new products to satisfy customers’ needs.

The Filmore Da Nang, with exquisite “high-touch living” space, can be a new star in the luxury real estatemarket

In Vietnam, the luxury apartment segment is looking to catch the trend. The number of local and international customers in the luxury apartment market is on the rise. That explains why Vietnam’s market needs the diversity and novelty of products, especially those meeting the latest global standards.

Filmore Real Estate Development Corporation is one of the rising developers with a new, innovative mindset praised in the market. The Filmore Da Nang project, Filmore’s flagship residential project, has passed the test of experienced international investors since its first launch in Hong Kong. Investors in Vietnam are also looking forward to its upcoming official launch in the domestic market.

Given the outstanding advantages of The Filmore Da Nang, the project perfectly suits emerging global requirements for living space in recent market research reports.

So, what are the upper class looking for when seeking a house?

Cantilevered balcony is one of the most significant spaces to enjoy life in each condo at The FilmoreDa Nang

Recent market studies show that customers need green space and peacefulness, not precisely houses in suburban areas. After the pandemic, most people have realised that living in the downtown area is more convenient and saves a lot of time to travel from suburban areas.

Thus, the fact is that customers want a house imbued with green space and conveniences in the CBD, making The Filmore Da Nang one of their ideal options. The project is positioned on Bach Dang Street in the heart of Danang City, closely connected with the city’s landmarks.

With a unique “high-touch living” philosophy, The Filmore Da Nang is promising to bring a staycation feeling to residents.

To get over the boredom of living in a familiar place for a long time, residents need not only green space but also materials for their sensational experience.

With a unique “high-touch living” philosophy, The Filmore Da Nang is promising to bring a staycation feeling to residents. The project features a delicate space design, harmonious feng shui, elegant colours, and a relaxing and pleasant lighting arrangement.

Moreover, all apartments in the project embrace precious views thanks to its ideal location and magnificient architectural design. The cantilevered balcony, a highlight of the condo, is hard to find elsewhere. From their balcony, residents can admire the charming sunrise or sunset and enjoy the gentle breeze or the best view of the central coast city of Danang while drinking a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.

The Filmore Da Nang is home to 206 condominiums with luxury amenities. Creating artful living space, the project is expected to attract businesspeople and those with a creative mind and exquisite taste.

With so many outstanding advantages, The Filmore Da Nang can be a star in Danang’s luxury apartment market.