CapitaLand’s vision sets new standards of living around West Lake
ChandraGarran04 1-03-2022, 15:57

New milestones, new benchmarks

While many countries in the world are still discussing vertical skyscrapers, in Chongqing stands a horizontal architecture development, inspired by the region’s thousand years of waterway transportation culture. It’s the sky bridge The Crystal in the Raffles City Chongqing complex comprising of eight skyscrapers, developed by CapitaLand.

The horizontal building is considered the longest sky bridge in the world, stretching across the top of four towers. From the intersection of the two rivers Chaotian and Chongqing, CapitaLand brings to life unprecedented sights and recreation possibilities for the 30 million residents of the city, while contributing to solving issues of population density.

CapitaLand has been renowned for developing iconic properties in every city that the developer is present.

In Singapore, the capital of high-rise buildings, CapitaLand created outstanding trademarks with a unique vision in many exquisite developments. A prime example is the luxury condo development CanningHill Piers launched last November.

The property is regarded the tallest residential development along the Singapore river. On this historic land, CapitaLand has revitalised the area’s lifestyle, harmonising with the vibrant life in the city centre.

The two towers’ 696 units are connected by a sky bridge on the 24th floor, offering an unmatched view of the cityscape, the signature hills, and rivers of the area. This innovation aligns with the 2019 master plan of the Urban Redevelopment Authority, aiming towards developing lively space along the Singapore river, contributing to the city’s bustling life.

The luxury condo development CanningHill Piers of CapitaLand – one of Singapore’s iconic architecturaldevelopments

CapitaLand’s numerous prestigious international awards are attributable to this development vision.

In Vietnam, CapitaLand through its development arm CapitaLand Development (CLD) has been honoured with notable domestic and international awards including the Asia Pacific Property Awards, PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards, PropertyGuru Vietnam Property Awards, and the Gold Dragon Awards.

Developing a new icon in the land of legacies

CapitaLand has been renowned for developing iconic properties in every city that the developer is present. Thereby, when CLD announced the ground breaking of the Heritage West Lake in Hanoi, the luxury condo development created a stir in the market.

The luxury condo development is situated at one of the last land banks of West Lake’s heritage land. Moreover, the project is located at the unique “eye of the Koi fish”, formed by the curves of the Red River and West Lake.

According to the world-renowned feng shui expert Dato’ Joey Yap, the location inherits the land’s ever-evolving prosperous flow, bringing great fortune for the owners and their next generations.

The unique land position is an invaluable asset of CLD, making Heritage West Lake a promising highlight of the area in the future.

The unique 4-season Infinity Cloud Pool in Heritage West Lake with panoramic view to WestLake

Heritage West Lake does not simply offer a place to live but aims to build a living space that inherits quintessential values. The project is a pioneer in bringing unprecedented living experiences, adding to the rising liveliness of West Lake.

For the first time in Hanoi, future residents will own a private parking space, a private lobby to every unit, and indulge in a hot water outdoor infinity pool, as well as experience a jacuzzi by a waterfall and enjoy a spectacular view onto West Lake.

With over 27 years of experience in the Vietnamese market, CLD understands that history is the foundation of the future, and local traditional values are the core for new benchmarks of living to develop sustainably.

Heritage West Lake renders global lifestyles in a harmonious combination with traditional values. It is rare to find another place at West Lake area where the architecture presents the heritage of this land.