Talkshow 'Positive energy for breakthrough' at Techfest Dong Nai 2021
doyen1988 24-12-2021, 16:56

The talkshow took place on November 18, jointly organized by the Dong Nai Department of Science and Technology, the Provincial Youth Union and the Young Entrepreneurs Association of the Province. The event is held online and offline to ensure the prevention of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Attending the talkshow were representatives from Dong Department of Science and Technology, Dong Nai Young Entrepreneurs Association, DO Ventures investment fund, Next Tech Group, and interested entrepreneurs, youth union members and students.

Talkshow 'Positive energy for breakthrough' at Techfest Dong Nai 2021

At the event, the speakers shared knowledge to promote intelligence, innovative thinking to create products and services based on scientific research activities, exploiting intellectual property, and technology. At the same time, it provides information, guidelines and policies of the State and the province on supporting startups, supporting innovative start-ups.

The speakers also shared more about the knowledge to support young people to manage their lives in accordance with the rapid development and change of the digital age; ways to motivate yourself; positive energy to control life and breakthrough in business and start-up; how to manage time and achieve goals with positive energies in life; failures, stumbling blocks when starting a business and solutions to overcome; experiences adapting to all life challenges and managing stress.

The students exchanged and discussed with the delegates about issues of interest such as starting a business and re-starting a business during the current period of influence of the Covid-19 pandemic, the skills students need to equipment to start a business, support for young people, small enterprises in starting a business.

The speakers all said that starting a business is a very arduous path, it is difficult to avoid barriers and failures, so young people need to be committed, always aggressive, taking risks and always unafraid of failure.

Director of the Dong Nai Department of Science and Technology Lai The Thong said that, as the head of the Advisory Council coordinating the innovation and startup network of the province, the Department will cooperate with agencies in the ecosystem to complete and develop the startup ecosystem and innovative start-up activities of the province. In addition to advising and promulgating practical support policies, the Department will provide basic knowledge and equip young people with necessary skills to start a business.

Talkshow has transmitted positive energy, shared valuable experiences and lessons to Dong Nai youth, who are passionate about innovation and start-up.

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