Good hearts deliver results
duonghanhnguyen 22-08-2021, 18:39
Good hearts deliver results


South Korean-invested food delivery service provider BAEMIN may be not quite well known among local consumers because the firm was established by Woowa Brothers just over two years ago, but it is strongly expanding business across the country due to the company’s strong commitment to long-term business and wholehearted support for the community. In a challenging time like now with the Covid-19 pandemic adversely affecting the economy, the community spirit at BAEMIN is strongly promoted, largely owing to the company’s leader: Chairman Kim Bongjin.

In response to the call of the Vietnamese Government, Kim Bongjin, founder and chairman of Woowa Brothers, which is the multinational corporation that owns BAEMIN food delivery app in Vietnam, has donated VND20 billion (over US$875,000) to aid Vietnam in the Covid-19 fight.

The sum of VND20 billion was recently donated to the country’s Covid-19 Vaccine Fund and other anti-Covid activities. The donation was transferred to the Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Committee and the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee of HCMC through World Vision, a leading international humanitarian aid, development, and advocacy organization.

The BAEMIN chairman said: “I am honored to make a modest contribution to Vietnam’s efforts to combat Covid-19. This country has always been in my heart because of the resilience, kindness, and solidarity of its people. Although the current situation has posed some significant challenges, I believe we will soon overcome this hard time with unity and strength.”

In fact, BAEMIN Vietnam since its establishment has engaged in numerous corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities. The company’s employees have fundraised and donated VND100 million to the Vietnam Covid-19 Vaccine Fund, through the Vietnam Fatherland Front in HCMC, hoping that the pandemic will soon be brought under control.

Given the complicated Covid situation, BAEMIN’s food and essential goods delivery services have become an important vehicle for local residents. BAEMIN has been cooperating with local authorities to maintain the delivery operations, aimed at ensuring its business continuity and serving customers safely and timely.

BAEMIN has spread its presence to eight major cities across the country, including HCMC, Hanoi, Danang, Bien Hoa, Vung Tau, Can Tho, Haiphong, and Halong. It currently is offering four services: food delivery, BAEMIN Mart (grocery delivery), BAEMIN Kitchen with exclusive South Korean signature dishes, and BAEMIN Studio where users can find familiar, creative and highly customized products.

As for driver-partners, BAEMIN appreciates their commitment to becoming the food-delivery experts and continues to provide training and other wellness programs to improve their living. Regarding merchant-partners, BAEMIN focuses on initiatives helping them increase the revenue, upskill themselves and comply with food safety standards.

Apart from efforts to support its partners, BAEMIN has taken part in lots of community programs and sent donations contributed by its employees to orphanages and charitable houses on special occasions.

“Aside from sustainable business operations, social responsibility is always among the top priorities of BAEMIN. I and BAEMIN Vietnam pledge to accompany the Government to support our partners, our customers, as well as the entire community to move toward a more positive and brighter future,” said Kim Bongjin.

Kim Bongjin, founder and chairman of Woowa Brothers, which is the multinational corporation that owns BAEMIN food delivery app in Vietnam