A strong, silent frontliner in the fight against Covid-19
hanguyen0409 10-06-2021, 14:28

Vice secretary of HCMC Party Committee Nguyen Ho Hai graces the ceremony to receive VND1,450 billion donated by Van Thinh Phat Group Supporting Foundation Corporation to the fight against Covid-19 Donations by institutions and individuals.

In addition to ventilator shortage, the accessibility to Covid-19 vaccines is currently a hard nut to crack. According to the Ministry of Health, Vietnam needs 150 million doses of vaccines to immunize 75 million people, whose costs are estimated at VND25.2 trillion, a big sum for the State budget. Therefore, even before the announcement of the establishment of the National Covid-19 Vaccine Fund in the hope of mobilizing the people’s resources for the task, many enterprises and businesspeople had thought of taking part in this task to ease the burden on the Government. Familiar names on the lists of donors can be seen again here: VTP Group, the Red Cross, and many others. In one way or another, they have been at the forefront to give more strength in terms of better resources that suit every phase's need during the national battle against Covid-19.

Silent and persistent

The coronavirus has come back to Vietnam for the fourth time and brought more complicated and unpredictable developments. The task of fighting and preventing the epidemic is, therefore, even more challenging. Under the leadership of the Government, doctors and other health workers have come to the forefront. Once again, enterprises, businesspeople, and benefactors stand shoulder to shoulder to share the formidable task. In addition, however, they themselves have to fight their own decisive battles for retaining jobs and income for their workforces and the existence of their companies.

A look back at the two years of fighting Covid-19 would show that together with efforts made by the State have been numerous contributions by communities and the corporate circle across the nation. However, the pandemic has adversely affected the economy, forcing many enterprises to stop operations or see their sales plummet. The spiraling difficulties created by the pandemic are hawkers and hired workers and big and small enterprises, many of whom are in a dilemma.

According to the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) reports on nearly 10,200 enterprises nationwide, 87.2% of them said they had suffered enormously or been totally paralyzed by the epidemic. In HCMC alone, where VTP Group is headquartered, almost 50,000 enterprises temporarily stopped operation or were disbanded last year. Among them, enterprises in tourism, accommodation, and food services were the hardest hit. In the current context, profit is a luxury to most enterprises. Therefore, their contributions are even more meaningful and respectful.

Despite the hardships since the very start of the pandemic outbreak in Vietnam, the corporate sector has contributed enormous sums of money and medical equipment. In the past week, as Covid-19 got worse, businesses have continued to make their share. On May 25 alone, the Ministry of Health received from eight enterprises cash worth VND125 billion and US$1 million and one million doses of Covid-19 vaccines. Particularly, on May 27, State President Nguyen Xuan Phuc launched a major online campaign for donations to the fight against Covid-19 effective nationwide. At the end of the launch, only at the central level, some VND700 billion were pledged by institutions and individuals. Others would add these donations at local levels.

The launch of the campaign for donations to Covid-19 prevention.