Nam Long closed the right to advance the first dividend of 2020
VietReader 26-11-2020, 23:31

Nam Long closed the right to advance the first dividend of 2020

The enterprise lowered the rate of advance dividend in the first term of 2020 from 5% to 4.53% due to an increase in charter capital. In 2020, Nam Long plans to pay a dividend of 10% in cash and 5% in shares.

Nam Long Investment Company (HoSE: NLG) announced December 15 as the last day of registration to close the list of advance cash dividend of the first term of 2020 at the rate of 4.53%, 1 share will receive VND 453. . Payment date December 29.

With 259 million outstanding shares, the company plans to spend 124.85 billion dong to advance this dividend.

In 2019, Nam Long paid a cash dividend of 9.57% and shares 9.57%. The company plans to pay 10% cash dividend and 5% stock dividend.

At the same time, according to the Resolution of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders taking place in May, the shareholders approved the plan to advance 5% cash dividend in term of 1/2020 at the rate of 5% in December and the second term of 2020 will pay 5% % cash and 5% shares in Q2 / 2021.

However, after completing the issuance of 2019 stock dividends and the issuance of shares under the employee selection program, the company’s charter capital increased from VND 2,852.7 billion to VND 2,597 billion. The amount of dividend is unchanged at 124.85 billion, so the dividend ratio is adjusted from 5% to 4.53%.

In the first 9 months of the year, real estate businesses recorded 1,298 billion dong in net revenue, slightly down from the same period last year; Parent company EAT is 208 billion dong, halves.

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