One Mount Group launches comprehensive proptech platform: OneHousing
VietReader 17-11-2020, 16:26
One Mount Group launches comprehensive proptech platform: OneHousing

OneHousing is the first company in Vietnam that has the capability to synchronize the customers journey on only one platform, from online to offline (O2O). (Photo: OneHousing)

Hanoi (VNA)
– With technology being one of the greatest assets and financial solutions from partnership with Techcombank , One Mount Group officially launched OneHousing – a proptech platform that helps optimize the process of selling and buying in real estate. OneHousing is the first company in Vietnam that has the capability to synchronize the customers journey on only one platform, from online to offline (O2O).

Pioneering in building one of a kind online to offline experience (O2O)

The global real estate market is witnessing a major change in customers’ buying and selling behaviors with the emergence of numerous property technology companies (proptech). According to the National Association of Realtors, in 201895% of real estate products in the USA were transacted via an online platform. Many world-famous proptech companies (such as Zillow, OpenDoor, Truli, etc.) are expanding and earning trust from both customers and investors.

In Vietnam, the digital experience of improving a home buyers’ experience is also on the rise with the expected scale of around half a billion US dollars. Now, the traditional way of doing real estate – that focuses on offline platforms – will be converted online to optimize home buyers’ search time and selection, at the same time providing accurate & transparent product information and reducing a lengthy paperwork process.

Understanding the market needs & trends, OneHousing was launched with the aim to be the pioneer in building a comprehensive and simple online to offline experience for the Vietnamese housing market. Possessing core strengths in technology and data, as well as the outstanding financial solutions in partnership with Techcombank, OneHousing has the objective of becoming a trustful and effective open platform for all homebuyers in addition to increasing the liquidity in the primary and secondary market.

The comprehensive process of buying and selling home on a “One-Stop-Shop” platform

Created in line with the “One-Stop-Shop” model, OneHousing – the comprehensive online housing trading platform – can satisfy various demands from customers. From connecting buyers and sellers, filtering products, consulting, calculating loan packages, carrying out the transaction process and supporting with necessary paperwork, OneHousing is an optimal technological solution that delivers a comprehensive real-estate buying and selling experience all on one platform.

Through this platform, customers can search for information and photos of the interested product before visiting a model home. In addition, OneHousing has implemented superior financial calculating tools supported by Techcombank to help the customer get all the information needed pre-purchase such as: line of credit, principal to be paid, monthly interest to be paid and online loan application process. Therefore, customers can have all the necessary information and easily make a price comparison before carrying out further action. In the future, OneHousing’s users will also experience an online pre-approved line of credit feature, alongside more financial products in order to bring flexible financial solutions and opportunities to the users as well as increase liquidity for the market.

Not stopping at the proptech platform, OneHousing also developed a unique application for thesale agents; OneHousing ’s Pro Agent app connects business with customer, providing every tool necessary for the experts to approach and connect with the customer, achieving greater success and efficiency in sales.

Part of the panorama

With technology as one of its greatest assets, OneHousing’s mission is to bring exceptional experiences to all customers. The launch of OneHousing is expected to change the traditional perception of housing trading – not only bringing better experience & value for homebuyers, agents and developers but also promoting the growth of a transparent home mortgage market. This is part of One Mount Group’s continuous effort to build a holistic, comprehensive, digital ecosystem for Vietnamese people helping to elevate the buying experience and simplify the customer experience./.