Hung Thinh Incons closed the right to receive cash dividend at the rate of 18%
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On November 30 Hung Thinh Incons will spend 60 billion dong to pay 2019 dividends to shareholders.

Hung Thinh Incons Joint Stock Company (Ticker: HTN) has just announced the last day of registration to exercise the right to receive dividends in 2019 in cash at the rate of 18% /share on November 16. Accordingly, shareholders who own each share of HTN will receive VND 1800 dividend. The company will pay dividends to shareholders on November 30.

On the market, the number of HTN shares outstanding is about 3106 million units. Estimated amount of Hung Thinh Incons to pay for this dividend is 60 billion dong.

Recently, the Board of Directors has approved the plan to offer more than 16.5 million shares to existing shareholders at the price of 17000 VND /share. The exercise ratio is 2: 1. Expected release time is quarter IV /2020 to quarter I /2021.

If the issuance is successful, Hung Thinh Incons will increase its charter capital from nearly VND 331 billion to nearly VND 496 billion. The total amount expected to be collected from the issuance will be supplemented with capital for construction and installation activities, including payment of labor and service costs to subcontractors and costs of machinery, equipment and materials for the supplier.

Regarding business results, accumulated in the first 9 months of the year, net revenue of the company reached 2406 billion VND, decreased about 7% compared to the same period last year and only reached 49% of the whole year plan; Profit after tax performed 41% of the year plan, reaching 88 billion VND, down 23% compared to the same period last year.

The market price of HTN shares has continuously improved since the beginning of August until now. Notably, the stock that closed today (November 2) hit the ceiling price of 29150 dong /share with sudden liquidity.

Hung Thinh Incons closed the right to receive cash dividend at the rate of 18%

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