MWG maintained its No. 1 position in the retail industry, top 3 best listed companies
VietReader 22-10-2020, 23:04

After 6 years on the floor, 6 times Mobile World Investment JSC (Ticker: MWG) was honored in the prestigious ranking of Forbes.

Not multidisciplinary company, focusing only on “retail” still earns hundreds of trillion

Regularly every year for 6 years since being listed, MWG has participated in the top 50 best listed companies of Forbes.

Last year, for the first time, MWG surpassed the revenue milestone of 100 trillion dong, reaching 102174 billion dong, net profit after tax was 3834 billion dong, equivalent to the growth rate of 18 percent in revenue and 33 percent in profit compared to the previous year, thereby enrolling and becoming one of the three rare names in the “Club hundred trillion”.

The Gioi Di Dong surpassed many famous names in the field of finance and banking, and was also one of the few companies on the floor that were not related to real estate. Even the chances for MWG to rise in the top 3 are enormous when all plans for growth are ready.

In the comments and ratings, Forbes Vietnam said: “In 2020 the retail industry will face many challenges, but The Gioi Di Dong continues to maintain its position as the number one retailer in Vietnam when promoting the expansion of the department store system”.

Business rankings from Asia to Vietnam: MWG is always ‘’top”. Photo: MWG

Not stopping at number 1 in Vietnam

Despite having firmly established itself as No. 1 in the retail industry and entering the name of the Hundred Million Billions Club, Mobile World ambitions don’t seem to end there. If according to the plans these companies announced, a worthy position in the regional market would probably be what the company is aiming for.

Last August, Dien may Xanh has just ‘released’ a new model of Dien May Xanh supermini to dominate the rural electronics market with the ambition to win 60% of the retail electronics market nationwide.

Bluetronics model in Cambodia is expected to cover this market by the end of this year, and is expected to contribute significantly to the overall revenue of the company. Above all, a complete Bluetronics model will help MWG bring larger and higher spending markets in the region, namely the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia.

Photo: MWG.

In the field of essentials, Bach Hoa Xanh is also “threatening” the current No. 1 position of the current retailer in the mini-supermarket segment when driving the growth in the number of stores in the whole segment.

The chain’s number of stores has doubled in just 12 months, while other houses have closed due to inefficiency or failure to open new ones. The recent Nielsen report also showed that Bach Khoa Xanh saw 3-digit growth up to 138%, while modern retail channel increased by only 15% and traditional channel decreased by 3%.

With extensive experience in the retail sector and a quick adaptability, the above plans to keep sales growth at a high rate are probably not too difficult to implement. And so, the No. 1 position in Vietnam will probably be a “too tight shirt” for a body that is always growing fast like MWG.

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