Viettel and Vingroup cooperate to develop 5G broadcasting station
admin 21-10-2020, 23:12

Viettel and Vingroup cooperate to develop 5G broadcasting station

These will be the first “Made in Vietnam” 5G broadcasting stations, meeting the target of the year of mass commercialization by 2021.

According to the portal of the Ministry of Information and Communications, on October 20 Military Industry – Telecommunications Group (Viettel) and Vingroup – JSC (Code: VIC) signed a cooperation agreement to develop the 5G gNodeB mobile base station system.

According to the agreement, Vingroup is responsible for developing and supplying the radio device (RU) 8T8R; antenna 8T8R; Massive MIMO 64T64R device (with integrated RU and antenna). These are all technologies that serve 5G transceivers.

On the Viettel side, the group will research and develop signal processing equipment (CU-DU); 5G core network system; providing 5G service and new technologies such as wave pen control technology and providing high-speed service to many users.

The two sides agreed in October 2020 to complete the set of specifications for 5G base station products and complete two laboratories for each side.

It is expected that by November 2020 the two sides will make the first test call on the 3600 – 3800 MHz band.

Viettel and Vingroup’s goal is to successfully commercialize 5G gNodeB 8T8R mobile base station on June 302021 and 5G gNodeB 64T64R mobile base station on June 302022.

These are stations with more complicated technology, targeting densely populated areas and urban areas.

Minister Nguyen Manh Hung said, “there are only 4 countries in the world that can produce 5G equipment. Researching and manufacturing 5G equipment is not an easy task, it is very difficult, it needs synergies”.

At the signing ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Viet Quang, Vice Chairman cum General Director of Vingroup shared, “Vingroup’s goal is to become a leading supplier in the field of telecommunications equipment for partners not only in the country but also worldwide”.

According to Mr. Nguyen Viet Quang, according to the plan, the 5G mobile base station cooperated with VinSmart to research and develop with Viettel will officially be commercialized from June 2021.

“Developing” Made in Vietnam “5G broadcasting station is a big technological step not only for Vingroup and Viettel, but also the pride of the Vietnamese people,” said Nguyen Viet Quang.

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