Archdaily showcases Quy Nhon coffee shop on its website
doyen1988 9-09-2020, 15:34

Archdaily, one of the world's leading architecture websites, has recently displayed an image of Adiuvat, a coffee shop located in Quy Nhon in the south-central province of Binh Dinh, on its website.

Adiuvat is situated on Nguyen Hue street in Quy Nhon and has become a popular destination due to its calmness and serenity.

According to the owner, the coffee shop was renovated before 1975 to feature typical townhouse architecture with the aim of including characteristics from the old building. This consists of the ground floor and another level, which has the signature pebble washout on the facades.

Due to typical townhouses lacking ventilation and light, the architect has managed to arrange the horizontal space layers both clearly and coherently.

The layout of the atrium space tends to alternate with low spaces, with the large atrium space where the bar is located, known as the heart space. These atrium spaces are intended to create more interactions between people, therefore serving to create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere.

In the morning guests are able to sit on the balcony located on the second floor and look down on Nguyen Hue street.

Wooden walls help to keep guests feeling relax at midday

From the second floor, guests are able to directly view people as they make coffee

Photos: Archdaily