Senior leaders of Laos congratulate Vietnam ahead of National Day
doyen1988 2-09-2020, 15:31

Party and State senior leaders of Laos presented flowers in order to mark the 75th anniversary of Vietnam’s National Day, whilst also extending their best wishes to their Vietnamese counterparts and citizens during their visit on September 1 to the Vietnamese Embassy in Vientiane.

Senior leaders of Laos congratulate Vietnam ahead of National Day

Lao Deputy Prime Minister Sone Xaysiphandone congratulates Vietnam
on the 75th anniversary of National Day

Over the past 75 years since the birth of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, now known as the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, the Communist Party of Vietnam has achieved many great victories.

Through the clear-sighted leadership of President Ho Chi Minh, the Vietnamese people have not only gained national independence, but have also been able to increasingly assert their position among the region and the wider world. At present, the country’s economy is developing by leaps and bounds, coupled with improved living standards and consistent political security.

Recent years has seen Vietnamese development closely associated with the special solidarity relationship that exists with Laos. During the process of national construction and defence, that relationship has been constantly cultivated, as demonstrated through various acts of political co-operation, defence, security, investment, education, and training, along with joint efforts in other areas.

Head of the External Affairs Commission of the Lao People’s Revolutionary
Party (LPRP) Central Committee Sounethon Xaynhachack congratulates Vietnam
on this special occasion

The Party, State, and people of Laos always placed a great importance to the special co-operation relationship with Vietnam and they will incessantly strive to reinforce the relationship between the two countries in a practical, substantial, and effective manner.

On behalf of Party and State leaders, and the people of Vietnam, Vietnamese Ambassador to Laos Nguyen Ba Hung expressed his sincere gratitude to his Laotian counterparts. The local diplomat went on to add that, since being registered on the international map, Vietnam has witnessed constant development whilst affirming its international profile as it contributes to the maintenance of regional and global peace.

In light of today's achievements, the Vietnamese people always remember the support of the Party, State, and people of Laos who have always accompanied the Vietnamese people in their wars of resistance against foreign invaders, and during the current process of national construction and defence, the Vietnamese diplomat said.

Lao Foreign Minister Saleumxay Kommasith presents
a flower basket to congratulate Vietnam's National Day

Moreover, he also assured that the country is prepared to support Laos at regional and international forums, adding that the Embassy will serve as a bridge that connects and promotes co-operation between the two countries across a variety of fields.

On the same day, Head of the External Affairs Commission of the Lao People’s Revolutionary Party (LPRP) and Lao Foreign Minister Saleumxay Kommasith, along with representatives from ministries, departments, mass organisations, and fronts, of Laos came to the Embassy in order to congratulate Vietnam on this special occasion.