Low-quality face mask producers publicly shamed
admin 20-08-2020, 09:33

The Ministry of Industry and Trade has published a list of face mask producers which are making low-quality products, the Vietnam Directorate of Market Surveillance announced on August 19.

Low-quality face mask producers publicly shamed

Millions of face masks seized.

The Vina Face Mask Factory-Tan Phu Branch under Dang Nam Corporation located in Son Ky Ward, HCM City, was making four-layer face masks when the inspection team arrived. The factory failed to provide the required papers and showed signs of label violations.

The inspection team sealed all of the materials and products. The factory was asked to keep the scene intact and not remove, trade or return the products or materials. The sealed materials include 1,214kg of plastic sticks, elastic bands, fabric and carton boxes. There were also 2,180,000 face masks at the scene.

The team also inspected Vina Face Mask Factory-Southern Region Branch in Binh Tan District and found a large number of gloves and face masks. All of the products including 787,500 face masks and 260,800 gloves were seized because the labels did not have the correct place of manufacture and the owners failed to provide the required papers.

HDPro Land Company in Thanh My Loi Ward was also inspected. The inspection team seized the gloves and face masks there due to violations about labels and lack of proper papers. There are signs that the products, including 97,250 face masks and 166,500 gloves, are actually second-hand goods.

The team also went to the HDPro Land Company’s two warehouses and found many low-quality products.

At the warehouse on Street 101, District 2, the team found 76,920 rubber and medical gloves without invoices or evidence for of origin. At the warehouse on Street 84A, there were 190,000 face masks and 561,420 gloves that might be second-hand goods.

In the end, the inspection team seized 1,056,640 gloves, 3,254,750 face masks, 1,214 plastic sticks and elastic bands and 4,560 carton boxes.