Vietnamese celebs go for transparent masks in time of coronavirus
doyen1988 19-08-2020, 16:00

With mask wearing the new normal, transparent designs have become increasingly fashionable among Vietnamese personalities.

Vietnamese celebs go for transparent masks in time of coronavirus

Model Thanh Hang is one of the first celebrities to join the trend. Transparent masks have gained popularity amid the Covid-19 pandemic, even without confirmation from authorities over whether they could protect users from droplets containing the virus. Many youngsters and celebrities have opted for these masks since they still help wearers show off their makeup, etc. Photo courtesy of Thanh Hang.

Model Hong Que dons the transparent look to reveal her lush red lips. Photo courtesy of Hong Que.

Fashion designer Lam Gia Khang too opted for a transparent mask,said to be made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), well known and specified in the medical industry. He says: "It fits my face, but since it is made of plastic it is a bit heavy. And when I breathe, the transparent plastic can become foggy." Photo courtesy of Lam Gia Khang.

Model Que Van goes the fashion route with another trendy look of transparency. Photo courtesy of Que Van.

Model Tra Ngoc Hang protects herself while working out. Sold online at VND110,000 - 200,000 ($4.8-8.7), these transparent masks are however always out of stock. Photo courtesy of Tra Ngoc Hang.

By: Van An/Vnexpress