Top 10 Best Detective and Horror Movies
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The Invisible Guest, Fight Club, Shutter Island, The Coffin in the Mountain, Phone Booth, Shadow Puppets, The Others, Primal Fear, Hannibal, Se7en lbending are familiar names in reconnaissance films, convictions, and horror that captivates the audience because of the dramatic conditions and plot. The popularity and favorite audience of these films is very high. So, this horror movie, this is why it is always welcome and love. Not only because of the famous cast, the monumental scale, the gravitational attraction. Here is the film's profile and you will be able to find out why these films are always the hot name in the cinema village. Take your time to learn and have any movie you've seen?

The Invisible Guest

Top 10 Best Detective and Horror Movies

The Invisible Guest movie poster

The Invisible Guest - Trailer

Adrian Doria, a talented young entrepreneur, is entangled in a murder case in a closed room. In order to save his career and personal life on the ruins, Doria must hire Virginia Goodman, a prestigious attorney to excuse himself. However, after 180 minutes overturned the past in the stuffy room, another formidable truth was exposed.

Fight Club

The film grossed $ 37,030,102 in the US market and $ 100,853,753 worldwide.

Fight Club (1999) Trailer

The Battle Deck is an American film directed by David Fincher, which was produced in 1999 with the participation of Brad Pitt and Edward Norton based on the writings of the same name by writer Chuck Palahniuk.

The death deck was first screened in the United States on 15 Oct. 1999. In the first week the film was screened on 1,963 cinemas and won revenue of 11,035,485 dollars; Topping the chart at the time. At the next week the film's revenues fell 42.6% and only reached 6,335,870.

Shutter Island

Worldwide, the film's total sales is 294.803.014 US dollars

Shutter Island (2010) Trailer

The island of horror is a psychological-mystery-thriller film produced in 2010 by Martin Scorsese, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, based on the novel by Dennis Lehane.

The film is set in the 1954 scene, with the U.S. Police Department (USMS) as Teddy Daniels (played by actor Leonardo DiCaprio) who is investigating the disappearance of a female assassin escaping from Boston's Shutter Island Ashecliffe and is said to be hiding nearby.

The Coffin in the Mountain

The Coffin in the Mountain

The Coffin in the Mountain - Trailer

A young man wants to escape from his father's control, in a time when the dispute kills a name in the hamlet, and is arrested fleeing. He did not think that there would be a day of escaping from the current activity in this way, when he left, he discovered that the destiny that brought him to his father together, walked or at all, would lose everything.

A woman who suffered from domestic violence, found and comforted when she was with her lover. In desperate, the woman and the lover secretly plan to kill her husband, when she is discovered, the lover Negaments. When the woman once again in despair, another man again appeared....

A strict patriarchal head, planned for living at the age of the assumption, but bowed to the true nature, and then fell to the stain of destiny, trying to erase the stain as much as possible.

Phone Booth

Phone Booth movie poster

Phone Booth - Trailer

Phone Booth was a 2003 American thriller film directed by Joel Schumacher. It was produced by David Zucker and Gil Netter, written by Larry Cohen and starring Colin Farrell, Forest Whitaker, Katie Holmes, Radha Mitchell and Kiefer Sutherland. In the film, a mysterious hidden sniper calls into a phone booth, and when a young journalist inside answers the phone, he finds his life in danger. The film received positive reviews from critics and a ticket office earning about $97 million worldwide compared to the production budget of 13 million dollars.

Shadow Puppets

Shadow Puppets - Trailer (2007)

Shadow Puppets is a 2007 horror film that tells of eight strangers who find herself trapped in an abandoned facility and without memory. When they desperately try to find the answers and escape, a shadow threatens to kill them.

The Others

he Others (tiếng Tay Ban Nha: Los Otros) la mot bo phim theo thể loại kinh dị ly kỳ được phat hanh vao năm 2001

The Others (2001) Official Trailer

The Others received positive reviews from the professional side, when viewed as one of the best horror works of the year 2001 and 2000 the 1990s. It has also been recognized by many to be an idea from The novel in 1898 The Turn of The Screw. The film was also warmly received at the ticketing offices, reaching a total turnover of over US $200 million across the globe.

Primal Fear

Primal Fear movie poster

Primal Fear - Trailer

Primal Fear is an American crime-thriller film based on the novel of the same name by William Diehl and produced by Gregory Hoblit. The film tells the story of a lawyer in Chicago who believes his client, the 19-year-old boy who does not kill the archbishop.


After 30 May 2013, Hannibal was renewed broadcast for the second time in the year 2014.

Hannibal (2001) Official Trailer

Hannibal is an American horror-fiction television series, investigating the U.S. case, producing the year 2012 and was developed by Bryan Fuller for NBC television channel. The film is based on characters and the weather that occurs in Thomas Harris ' Red Dragon novel with a modern setting and focuses on the relationships that began between the FBI special investigator Graham Will and Dr. Hannibal Lecter, a forensic psychiatrician who became Graham Will's most insidious opponent. The film was released in 13 episodes for the first season and unlike most of the previous premiere shows in the United States, any future launch season, each television series will also have 13 episodes. David Slade executive producer and director of pilot. The film was first screened on NBC channel on April 04, 2013.


Se7en has a turnover of US $ 327 million worldwide

Se7en (1995) Official Trailer

Se7en is a 1995 criminal film produced by director David Fincher, written by Andrew Kevin Walker starring Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, Kevin Spacey. The film was released by New Line Cinema.

David Mills (Brad Pitt) and William Somerset (Morgan Freeman) are 2 detectives working together to investigate 1 mass murder case. Victims of death are in violation of seven deadly sins in the Bible that are greedy, envious, lewd, haughty, lazy, greedy, and angry.

The film was filmed in California and Pennsylvania. Then debuted in the US on Sept. 22, 1995. Se7en commercial success and received a lot of positive reviews by critics.

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