Top 10 High-Quality Television Brands
tranthuy02 5-06-2021, 00:19
Now every family will have a TV. Many TVs in the past can be used for more than ten or twenty years, so what about the current TV brand? Which brand of TV is on the market right nowadays? Topshare compiled a list of the top ten TV brands. These TV brands are now the most popular with consumers and the quality is also good.


Top 10 High-Quality Television Brands

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SHARP has experienced half a century in TV production, and its TV production technology is very strong after years of accumulation. Sharp has continued to innovate in product technology when producing LCD TVs. It has already achieved the largest in terms of LCD TV screen size design in 2009. At the same time, the power-saving performance of LCD TVs it produces is also excellent. Regarding the quality of SHARP TVs, both the resolution and the quality of the LCD screens produced by SHARP have been affirmed by people.


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Samsung's popularity is very high. Not only on the TV industry, but also in computer, mobile phone and other related industries, Samsung products have a lot of support from consumer.


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LG is a Korean brand, also a very popular brand. As a large multinational company, it has strong production capacity and large company scale. It is the second largest company in South Korea and a leading company in the electronics industry.


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Changhong is a famous brand in China, a well-known trademark in China. Changhong Company has a long production history. In the same industry, Changhong TV's production experience is also very rich.


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TCL is also a well-known product brand. TCL's strength in the electronics industry is leading the industry. Although China has a large population and a large market, there are also various companies in the electronics industry, so the competition in the electronics industry is very fierce, TCL can stand out in this fierce competition, and the quality of the TVs it produces is also very high.


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Skyworth is a well-known trademark in China. It was founded in 1988 and is headquartered in Shenzhen. It produces various electronic products. Skyworth has a history of more than 20 years. Now, it has been built into the top ten color TV brands in the world and the leading brand in China's display industry. It ranks 13th among the top 100 electronics companies in China and has strong brand strength.


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Hisense TV is one of the many electronic products of Hisense Group. Hisense TV is now the world's fifth-largest flat-panel TV maker, and has been No. 1 in the Chinese flat-panel TV market for eight consecutive years.


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Konka TV improved to the moving picture is clearer and continuous. Among many TV brands, Konka TV is relatively cost-effective and the price is relatively affordable.


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Haier has been involved in the field of color TV for more than ten years. It has advanced manufacturing technologies and processes, and always innovate. Haier's new product, which can be connected to the Internet at any time, has complete functions, clear and smooth picture quality, and brings a brand-new movie viewing experience for users.


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For the Sony brand, we all know that Sony is a large group company in Japan. Sony TV products are very famous in the home appliance industry. Sony produces a wide variety of TV products, with various models. Sony is also a well-known TV brand.

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