Top 10 Most Popular Specialty Products In Taipei
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Taiwanese cuisine presents a variety of diversification characteristics, similar to those in Fujian and Guangdong, but it is changed to have Taiwan characteristics: condiments are commonly used as curry, peanut butter, etc., and have a heavier sweetness.The most attractive place in Taipei is its duty-free shop, which has a variety of snacks and agricultural products. So, what are the specialties of Taipei worth buying? Let's take a look at the top ten most popular specialty products in Taipei.

Pineapple cake

Top 10 Most Popular Specialty Products In Taipei

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The famous and delicious Taiwanese specialty is pineapple cake, has existed as early as the Three Kingdoms era, but it was through innovation in Taichung City 60 years ago that it became the pineapple cake today. The pineapple cake is positioned as "Souvenirs Taiwan", but it must be remembered that its birthplace is Taichung City.

Ma Ying-jiu said that pineapple cakes are available all over Taiwan. Taichung pineapple cakes are famous from far and near. The outer skin is exquisitely puffy and has a natural creamy aroma, while the inner filling must be moderately chewy, sweet but not bored, with a natural pineapple aroma.


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Nougat is one of the most popular souvenirs when travel in Taiwan. It is delicious, inexpensive, and convenient to carry. Nougat tastes rich in milk taste. The peanut inside is also carefully selected. The nougat here is hand-made, and its taste is sweet and very good. In addition to the most traditional peanut flavor, there are varieties of flavors such as cranberry, black sesame.

Dongding oolong tea

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Dongding oolong tea is of excellent quality and has a leading position in the Taiwan tea market. After brewing, the tea color is slightly orange-yellow, with a clear fragrance, tea flavor is mellow and sweet.

Thunnus thynnus

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Thunnus thynnus is hailed as one of the three treasures of Donggang, with the Sakura shrimp and Mullet Roe, and is the most dazzling things in the harbor. Thunnus thynnus is abundant in April to June of each year.

Sakura shrimp

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Sakura shrimp is a deep-sea shrimp that grows under 150 meters. It lives in an unpolluted environment and is rich in nutrients such as protein, astaxanthin, chitin, calcium, and phosphorus. Children eat even higher and the face of women is better and has been unanimously loved by consumers.

Mullet roe

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Donggang is a fishing village with a variety of seafood. Sakura shrimp, Thunnus thynnus and Mullet Roe are also known as the "Three Treasures of Donggang." Among them, in order to maintain the vitality of fisheries, a limited catch restriction amount of sakura shrimp is required. Sashimi made from Thunnus thynnus is the best seafood, but they are only available in April to June There is no way to fully satisfy the customers. Only mullet roe, moderate salty taste, fragrant and unique flavors throughout the year.

Scallop XO sauce

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Scallop XO sauce is Taipei's signature sauce. It is a special sauce. It is made from Japanese scallops, Jinhua ham and other spices, and then slowly cooked. Scallop XO sauce exudes a seafood flavor, which is the best choice for Lo mein and bibimbap.

Mung bean pastry

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Mung bean pastry is a very popular pastry in Taiwan. It is made of high-quality mung beans and minced pork. It is a special combine between sweet and salty.

Daxi Dried Tofu

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Daxi Dried Tofu is Taiwan's characteristic traditional cuisine, with a history of 70 years. The taste of dried Daxi tofu is very fresh, whether it is fried or cooked, it is very tasty. Daxi dried tofu has also become an indispensable dish on Taiwanese people's table.

WanLuan Pork Knuckle

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WanLuan Pork Knuckle is a delicious snack in Wanluan Township, Taiwan. Anyone passing by will stay for a while and taste. WanLuan Pork Knuckle are added with unique herbal medicine ingredients and onion ginger garlic.

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