Top 10 flowering teas for girls to drink for a long time
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People like tea very much, because drinking tea is very good for the body, and for girls, drinking tea is not only healthy but also beauty, so many girls choose drink flowering teas. So what are the effects and functions of flowering tea? Topshare has compiled top ten flowering teas for girls to drink for a long time. Come try it.

Jasmine Tea

Top 10 flowering teas for girls to drink for a long time

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Efficacy and role of jasmine tea: Jasmine tea good for liver and eyesight, relieves phlegm, firming teeth, energy, lowering blood pressure, improve heart, preventing effects of radiation damage, anti-cancer and anti-aging make people prolong their lives and improve their physical and mental health. There is also anti-flatulence, warming the stomach, reducing swelling and detoxification, strengthening the immune system, and it is effective for dysentery, abdominal pain, conjunctivitis.

Chamomile Tea

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Chrysanthemum: bitter, sweet. It has the functions of clearing liver and improving eyesight, clearing heat and detoxifying.

Contraindications: Those with diarrhea should not drink.

Rose Tieguanyin Tea

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Tieguanyin: natural beauty health drink. Improve eyesight, bactericidal anti-inflammatory, weight loss beauty and delay aging, anti-cancer, blood fat reduction, cholesterol reduction, cardiovascular disease and diabetes and other effects;
Rose: flowers and the root can be used as medicine, can help blood circulation other effects, treating irregular menstruation, bruises, liver and stomach pain;
Coix lacryma-jobi: It has the effects of improving the spleen and stopping diarrhea.

Efficacy: Eliminate wrinkles and activate cells. People with wrinkles and rough skin should drink this tea.

Honey Rose Milk Tea

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Ingredients: 1 bag of black tea, 5 roses, honey and milk.

How to make it: Put black tea and roses into a teapot, brew with boiling water, pour in milk, and add honey after warming.

Efficacy: removes greasiness, helps digestion, and promotes skin care.

Contraindications: females should not drink during menstruation and pregnancy.

Lily Tea

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The efficacy and role of lily tea: All those who have cold, cough, loose stools, weak spleen and stomach and those who have kidney failure should not use. Lily tea has a slightly bitter taste. It has the effects of nourishing the lungs and sedative. It treats cough, dizziness, and restlessness at night.

According to pharmacological studies, lily has a good antitussive effect and can increase blood in the lungs and improve lung function. Lilies also have a sedative effect.

Red Gomphrena Globosa Tea

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Red Gomphrena Globosa Tea can clear lungs and detoxifying, soothing throat. Hoarseness caused by prolonged cough, acute and chronic pharyngitis, dry throat and discomfort, dry cough, phlegm, sore throat, and even speechless. For women, it can whiten and moisturize, regulate endocrine, and promote metabolism.

Jade Beauty Flower Tea

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It can regulate menstrual, nourishes the skin, inhibits pigmentation... Usually drinking this Jade Beauty Flower Tea not only nourishes Skin can also play a good role in whitening. Jade Beauty Flower Tea is a healthy drink that can detoxify. It can promote the metabolism of the body. It allows the toxins accumulated in the body to be excreted with urine. In addition, drinking Jade Beauty Flower Tea can also promote the metabolism of body fat and inhibit the absorption of cholesterol of body, drink for a long time can play a good role in weight loss on the basis of detoxification.

Osmanthus Oolong Tea

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Efficacy: Because of the components of Osmanthus fragrans, this tea has the effects of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, beauty, helping digestion, and removing fat.

Note: People with cold stomach, diarrhea, constipation, and pregnant women should not drink it.

Magnolia Tea

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Efficacy: It is very good for the lung.

Note: People with poor kidney function, gastrointestinal ulcers, neurasthenia, insomnia, constipation, pregnant women and children should not drink it.

Chloranthus Tea

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Because of the addition of orchids, it has the effect of removing rheumatism. Can be used to treat colds, rheumatoid arthralgias, bruises and other diseases. It also has the effects of treating chronic bronchitis, asthma.

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